Monthly Archives: March 2015

First Impressions of Myanmar

evisa Myanmar

Myanmar has been on everyone’s mind since it recently opened up again to tourism in 2009. They’ve made it easy to get around and now with a new online e-visa its even easier to get everything sorted to visit the

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Delicious Sri Lankan food

Sri Lanka

I was not expecting the food in Sri Lanka to be as delicious as it  was.  A lot of people categorise it as ‘India Easy’ but to me it is its own special cuisine.  I told my driver I wanted

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Polonnaruwa – ancient city of Sri Lanka


Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in Sri Lanka.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t spent much time researching it.  You see I was suppose to go to Anuradhapura but the country was experiencing

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Kandy and the tea plantations of Sri Lanka

One of the highlights of my time in Sri Lanka was visiting the central region of Kandy and the tea plantations.  Not only because it didn’t rain that day (seriously we had some of the hardest downpours ever while I

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