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Where are the best vacation spots?

Where is my favourite place in the world? Along with where are the best vacation spots in the world, I get these two questions all the time?  These are the type of questions that are very hard for a seasoned

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My South America adventure

south america adventure

My South America Adventure I’ve been planning my trip around South America for the last few months now and its finally coming together.  I just booked my tickets today for my South America Adventure!  Nothing like waiting till the last

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Where to go on an African Safari

African Safari

Nicole LaBarge got her first taste for travel when she was 16 years old.  Ever since then she has been hooked and calls herself a travel-holic. She believes you can travel and have a career and she is halfway to

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How to get to the Central Pacific Islands

Central Pacific Islands

How to travel to the Central Pacific Islands Now where are the Central Pacific Islands you ask?  ITs in the middle of nowhere!  Yes, that is true but to clarify it is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean halfway

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