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Durban was a bit of a refresh stop for us.  Its where we booked ourselves in a nice hotel along the waterfront to relax after a hectic schedule in Mozambique.  It was great timing for us and Durban was great, just not the most exciting city.

We explored the waterfront by walking up and down the promenade.  We stopped at Afro chicken which was delicious.  They only do chicken but they do chicken well.  For forty rand (a complete bargain) I had lemon garlic chicken, chips and coleslaw.  So yum.

We also wanted to try bunny chow so we went to Florida St.  Bunny chow is durban curry in a loaf of bread that’s been hollowed out.  I got the prawn curry in 1/4 loaf.  It was huge.  The curry was really nice but I barely touched the bread.  Always good to try a local favourite.

Everyone we talked to kept mentioning uShaka Marine World.  It was along the waterfront and suppose to be a great aquarium so we went for a look.  We spent about half a day there and our favourite part was the Dolphin show.  It was really well done and I got some great shots.  They also had aquariums full of sharks and turtles and fish.

We also went to the largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere called Gateway.  Twice actually.  The first time we went just to do some shopping and check it out.  After travelling for 5 months a lot of our clothes were on the way out and didn’t fit well anymore so we decided it was time to refresh.  The second time we went to the IMAX theatre and saw the Martian.  Great movie and even better book.

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