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On our last game drive we went to Kruger National Park just outside Joberg and Nelspruit.  Kruger is rated the second best safari park in Africa (to the Serengeti).  We were very excited to see what we would find.  Unfortunately, we had been told you could find meerkats here but alas they are more in the Kalahari or western South Africa and into Namibia and Botswana.

We saw all the usual suspects in Kruger starting with a giraffe and then elephants and zebras.  We gave our guide our shopping list for Kruger and he helped us find a few of the animals.  We said that we hadn’t seen rhinos in awhile, we loved all the cats – lions,cheetahs, leopards, and wanted to see the African dogs.  We were able to see all of these things on our safari.

We saw so many rhinos on this trip.  It was one of the first animals we saw (if we don’t count the millions of impala).  It was so nice to see them right next to the car munching away.  Its sad that one is killed every eight minutes.  There are a lot of protection programs going on in Kruger to stop poachers.

We actually saw both white and black rhinos in Kruger.  Just one black one and the rest were white but still.  The numbers of black rhinos is even more critical than the white rhinos.

We also saw the African dog.  This was our first time and we saw about 8 of the dogs.  Locals say they are more scared of the African dog than a lion because of the way they hunt.  They are silent hunters that hunt in a pack and then viciously take down their prey, tear it apart, and chomp on the bones.  No wonder the locals are scared of them.  I wouldn’t want to be out here in the dark.

Although we really enjoyed going to Kruger we were pretty much over the animals at that point.  Its like me being from Wisconsin and pointing out deer to people.  We did see a new animal with the African dog and seeing the rhinos that closely was amazing but it will definitely be a few years before I go on safari again.

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