Best Beaches in Sicily

Best Beaches in Sicily you have to see to believe

Sicilian beaches – I was not ready for just how gorgeous the beaches are and I loved visiting the beaches in Sicily.

In Sicily, beaches are everywhere. With all of that coastline of course there will be lots of Sicily beaches. After spending some time in Sicily I have put together the best beaches in Sicily.

Isola Bella, Taormina

This is arguably the best beach in Sicily. Located in the Taormina area of Sicily. The white pebble beach and clear turquoise ocean is surrounded by beautiful high cliffs. This beach is also ideal for those interested in diving, snorkelling and boat trips.

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Scopello Beach, San Vito Lo Capo

Another one of Sicily’s strikingly beautiful beaches, Scopello is located on the islands north-western coast. The beach’s coastline is dramatic with rough and rugged steep cliffs with a few beautiful ancient restored homes close to the beach. The water is clear and beautiful, and the beach is a perfect spot to relax and soak in the Italian sun.  

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Pizzolungo Beach, Erice

One of the more popular and known beaches in Sicily. Tourists all over the world flock to this beach each year due to the smooth white sand, rugged tall cliffs, and clear turquoise waters. This is definitely one of the more beautiful beaches, so makes for the perfect Instagram pic! This is also a great location for snorkelling and to watch both the sunrise and sunset. 

Blue Marino Cove, San Vito Lo Capo

 This is one of the most famous and undoubtedly one of the more beautiful beaches not just in Sicily, but in Italy. This is one of the more loved beaches by the locals and features a ‘hidden’ cove with white pebbled beaches and is best visited in the evenings to watch the sunset. 

Cala Rossa, Favignana Island

This beach features stunning clear turquoise waters, rocky cliffs and forests along the cliffs making it a beautiful landscape. There is a cove located further out from the shore that is accessible by boat or through a hiking trail along the coast. However, the trail can be difficult at times, getting to the cove and the view makes it well worth it and one of the best Sicilian beaches. 


There are many beaches in this small Italian city that are all worth visiting and exploring. The city itself features many restaurants, activities and some great nightlife. All the beaches in this area feature crystal-clear waters and many are shallow beaches where the bottom of the ocean is visible, making it a great option for families and small children. 

San Lorenzo Beach, Marzamemi 

Located along southern-west Sicily, this beach is famous for its golden sand beach and crystal-clear waters. There are two areas of the beach, one is rockier and more perfect for divers and the more adventurous type; while the other has shallower clear waters and is perfect for relaxing swimming and or families. 

Capo Bianco, Porto Empedocle

One of the best beaches, voted by the locals of Sicily. The beach town is a great place to vacation as well as a great beach to relax and soak in the Italian sun. due to natural occurrences the landscapes of the coast are constantly changing. This ensures that each visit over time to the beach will be a new and unique experience.

Scala Dei Turchi, Porto Empedocle 

Located in south Sicily not too far from Capo Bianco, this beach features the same white rock however it’s formed differently. At this beach, the white rock along the beach is formed like a large staircase leading into the Mediterranean Ocean, making for a great photography spot! This beach and famous staircase are so loved by the locals that it was even purposed as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Pollara, Salina

The beaches, beautiful cliff sides and turquoise waters are well-known in Italy, mostly thanks to it being the location of many film locations over the years. It’s also a much-loved beach by the Italians due to the erosion making the beach smaller over time, encouraging people from all over the world to experience this gorgeous beach before its entirely gone. 

Calamosche, Vendicari Nature Reserve

This beach is more low-key and isn’t as well-known as some others in Sicily. However, that doesn’t mean its any less beautiful or worth going; in fact, this beach was once named the most beautiful beach in Italy. This tiny beach is accessible by a 20-minute hike and features caves along the coast which are all accessible. The view from this beach adds to the appeal and is a sight you won’t forget. 

 Cala Dell’uzzo, Zingaro Nature Reserve 

According to many travel-related websites, this is the best beach in Sicily. This is thanks to the clear turquoise waters, white cobble beach, and nice greenery forest in the back of the landscape. The seabed is soft and shallow making this tiny beach a perfect spot for families.

Isola Delle Correnti 

This beach is at the southern most point of Italian territory. This is a popular spot for surfers due to the high winds in the area. The beach also often has strong currents, so it is recommended only strong and confident swimmers get in the water; but it is also a beautiful beach with stunning sights. 

Isola Dei Conigli 

This is a gorgeous beach perfect for those who are interested in swimming, snorkelling and diving. The area of the beach is also very special and unique in terms of wildlife. There are over 100 pairs of the Royal seagull who call this area home, there’s also a special type of lizard that finds home on the beaches cliffsides. Even more, every year over the summer months, sea turtles come to shore to lay their eggs. Due to this, the beach is often under surveillance by volunteers to protect the wildlife. 

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Spiaggia Delle Formiche di Portopalo di Capo Passero 

This beach has crystal blue waters and is ideal for swimming lovers. Along the beach and coastline there are several caves that are mostly all open for exploration. From the mainland, access to the beach is a bit difficult as it requires accessing a long dirt road, while the beach is easily accessible from the sea and boats. The beach is truly beautiful and when there, visitors will love the views it offers. 


Levanzo is the smallest of three islands just off of Sicily and offers beautiful crystalline beaches. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sicily, but despite the big crowds the views are still amazing, and the beaches are still worth seeing. Contrary to the number of tourists, the general vibe of the island is calm and chilling, ensuring a relaxed Italian getaway at one of the best and most beautiful islands and beaches. 

Conclusion: Best Beaches in Sicily, Italy


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