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Dubai Facts: Interesting facts about Dubai

itinerary to Dubai

29 Interesting Dubai Facts you need to know What are some cool facts about Dubai? I’ve put together these Dubai facts because in January 2019, I visited Dubai for the first time. I didn’t know much of the facts about

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Interesting Day Trips From Kyoto

temples kyoto japan

9 Interesting Day Trips From Kyoto Japan This list of the perfect Day Trips From Kyoto is for anyone who wants to see a bit more of Japan.  Do you want to take a Day Trips From Kyoto to visit

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Tokyo Itinerary 3 days – Japan Travel Blog

7 day Japan Itinerary - 1 week in Japan

Tokyo Itinerary 3 days – Japan Travel Blog Planning a trip to Tokyo? I used to live in Japan and I’ve put together this Japan Travel Blog – Tokyo Itinerary 3 days. This Tokyo Japan Itinerary is perfect for those

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Osaka Nightlife

Osaka by night

Osaka Nightlife – Things to do in Osaka at night Wondering what to do in Osaka at night?  The Osaka Nightlife is on fire and there are so many things to do in Osaka at night. I’ll cover all the

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Where to see the Best Temples in Kyoto Japan

temple kyoto

16 Best Temples in Kyoto and where to find the Temples of Kyoto This list includes all the best temples in Kyoto and includes all the famous Kyoto temples.  There are many Buddhist temples in Kyoto to choose from and

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Best day trips from Tokyo

Best Day Trips from Tokyo If you have a few days in Tokyo you may want to take a day trip from Tokyo to one of the cities near Tokyo.  I’ve put together a list of trips that can be

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Kyoto Itinerary

kinkakuji the best temple kyoto

Kyoto Itinerary – What to do in Kyoto for first time visitors After living in Japan and teaching English I decided to put together my favourite Kyoto Itinerary. Whether you have 1 Day in Kyoto, Are taking a Kyoto Day

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Enjoy the best 2 day Osaka Itinerary

The Perfect 2 Day Osaka Itinerary This 2 day Osaka Itinerary was put together when I lived in Japan and I made it a goal to visit as much of country as possible.  Everyone has heard of the most popular

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3 Day Beijing Itinerary Beijing Travel Blog

Beijing Travel Blog

I’ve been asked many times ‘How many days in Beijing’?  Well, here is the perfect 3 Day Beijing Itinerary A trip to Beijing is essential for any China Itinerary and this 3 Day Beijing Itinerary covers all of the highlights

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Top 20 Tourist Destinations to visit in the Philippines

Top 20 Tourist Destinations to visit in the Philippines 2019 is here and It’s the year I want to visit the Philippines. I have put together the top 20 tourist destination to visit in the Philippines with the help of

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25 Interesting Facts on Sri Lanka

Dambulla Backpacking Sri Lanka Route

Interesting Facts on Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a fascinating country to visit and there are many interesting facts on Sri Lanka.  Lonely Planet just named Sri Lanka as the number one destination to visit – and with good reason! 

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Sri Lanka 2 week itinerary

Sigiriya - Sri Lanka 2 week itinerary

The Ultimate Guide to Sri Lanka 2 week Itinerary Sri Lanka has so much to offer a traveller and this Sri Lanka 2 week itinerary is packed with all of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. I spent

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