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14 Best Beaches in Peru

peru beaches

14 Best Beaches in Peru When you think of Peru, you probably think of Machu Picchu but did you know that are some of the best beaches in Peru? The beaches of Peru have something for everyone – surfing, inca

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Best Brunch and Breakfast Wellington

Places to eat in Wellington

The 11 best brunch and breakfast places in Wellington If there is one thing Kiwis like to do its go out for breakfast and brunch. I have put together my favourite places to go for brekky (kiwi slang for breakfast)

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Interesting facts about Colombia Fun Facts

Interesting facts about Colombia Fun Facts There are many interesting facts about Colombia, but the history of the country has often been overshadowed as a tourist destination.  This shouldn’t be the case, Colombia offers diverse natural wonders, delicious cuisine, year-round

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Travel Monthly Recap: December 2018

December Travel Recap It’s the end of 2018 – how did we get here so fast?!? To say the last few months have gone by quickly is an understatement. As I am travelling West Africa its been challenging and does

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Best Beaches in Cartagena

Best beaches in Cartagena

Best Beaches in Cartagena Want to know where are the best beaches in Cartagena?  Cartagena’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, that most of the world has never heard of.  This travel guide covers all of

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When is the best time to visit Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu

When is the best time to visit Machu Picchu? Machu Picchu is one of the most visited sites in South America and for good reason.  Its amazing to think the Incas built this city high in the sky so long

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Amazing graffiti street art in Valparaiso

Valparaiso graffiti street art Valparaiso is a small town with a big feel about two hours outside of Santiago, Chile.  Valparaiso graffiti street art is abundant and incredible.  I spent three days exploring Valparaiso.  Here are some of my favourite

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Places to go in Peru that aren’t Machu Picchu

Things to do in Peru

Places to go in Peru that aren’t Machu Picchu When most people arrive in Peru its usually in Lima and then they make their way to Cusco to go to Machu Picchu.  Well I spent two weeks in Peru and

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23 Best places to visit in Colombia

23 Best Places to Visit in Colombia This Ultimate Guide to Colombia has the 23 Best Places to Visit in Colombia and essential travel info for planning your trip.  Colombia has something for everyone whether you are looking to visit

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The Untouched Beauty of Suriname country

Suriname country

Suriname country in South America I’m excited to share my experience with you from spending four days in Suriname country, the smallest country in South America.  Located just north of Brazil and above the equator, Suriname has a lot to

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Is Lima Peru worth a stop?

Is Lima Peru worth a trip? The short answer is YES! I know a lot of people only stop in Lima because that’s where their international flight arrives and then it is onto Cusco. As I have said before there

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Peru Hop – The best way to see Peru

Everyone comes to Peru to see Machu Picchu but did you know that Peru has a lot more to offer?  Check out this post on places in Peru that are not Machu Picchu but definitely worth a visit. I was

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Paracas my favourite little city in Peru

Why Paracas Peru is my favourite little city Paracas Peru is the second biggest tourist attraction in Peru after Cusco and with good reason. It is a cute town a few hours outside of Lima and the main attraction here

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Huacachina – dune buggy and sand boarding in Peru

Huacachina is the cutest little oasis town in Peru. This small city has between 100-200 residents but its main attraction is the sand dunes surrounding the lake. We set out at 4pm to ride a dune buggy up and down

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