Countries I’ve visited

Here is a list of countries I have visited.  I’m on a journey to visit all 193 UN Nations.  There are a couple of extra countries that people add to this list such as Kosovo, Vatican City and Palestine.   I do plan to visit all 196 independent nations.  There is no time limit on this journey as I do not want to be ticking countries off of a list.

I have linked some of my blog posts to the corresponding countries I’ve visited below.  Feel free to click the link or use the search function to read more about where I have been.  I also regularly update my about page.

Country Date
United States 1977
Canada 1987
France 1994
Panama 1996
Mexico 1997
Iceland 1998
Hawaii 2000
Scotland 2000
England 2000
Wales 2000
Ireland 2000
Northern Ireland 2000
Switzerland 2000
Italy 2000
Vatican City 2000
Austria 2000
Germany 2000
Belgium 2000
Netherlands 2000
Sweden 2002
Norway 2002
Spain 2002
Portugal 2003
Czech Republic 2003
Greece 2003
Hungary 2003
Poland 2003
Denmark 2003
Luxembourg 2003
Slovenia 2003
Croatia 2003
Japan 2004
New Zealand – North Island and South Island 2004
Fiji 2005
Australia 2005
Singapore 2006
Brunei 2006
Malaysia 2006
Indonesia 2006
Cook Islands 2006
Samoa 2006
American Samoa 2007
Thailand 2008
Cambodia 2008
Vietnam 2008
Laos 2012
India 2012
Nepal 2012
Honduras 2013
Belize 2013
Costa Rica 2013
El Salvador 2013
Guatemala 2013
Nicaragua 2013
Sri Lanka 2013
Maldives 2013
Burma 2014
Egypt 2015
Sudan 2015
Ethiopia 2015
Kenya 2015
Uganda 2015
Rwanda 2015
Tanzania 2015
Malawi 2015
Zambia 2015
Zimbabwe 2015
Mozambique 2015
Lesotho 2015
Swaziland 2015
South Africa 2015
China 2016
Tonga 2016
Nauru 2016
Kiribati 2016
Marshall Islands 2016
Micronesia 2016
Solomon Islands 2017
Argentina  2017
Chile 2017
Uruguay 2017
 Paraguay  2017
 Brazil  2017
 Bolivia  2017
 Peru  2017
 Colombia  2017
 Ecuador   2017
 Guyana   2017
 Grenada   2017
 St Vincent and the Grenadines  2017
 St Lucia  2017
 Dominica  2017
 Barbados  2017
 Trinidad and Tobago  2017
 Suriname  2017
 Dominican Republic  2017
Morocco 2018
Mauritania 2018
Senegal 2018
The Gambia 2018
Guinea – Bissau 2018
Guinea 2018
Sierra Leone 2018
Liberia 2019
Ivory Coast 2019
Ghana 2019
Togo 2019
Benin 2019
Nigeria 2019
Cameroon  2019
Equatorial Guinea  2019
Gabon  2019
Congo  2019
Democratic Republic of Congo  2019
Angola  2019
Namibia  2019

3 thoughts on “Countries I’ve visited

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  2. Kirstie Tinsdale

    Wow! An amazing list! Any hints/tips for visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo? I’m really keen to visit more countries in Africa so any advice would be great! Thanks and keep blogging 😊


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