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Scotland Itinerary 7 days

Scotland Itinerary Scotland itinerary 7 days – Scotland is one of those places that is just magical. Bagpipes playing, men in kilts, Scotch, Castles, Outlander. It is my favorite country in Europe not only because I studied abroad there and

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London Itinerary 3 days

3 days in London

London Itinerary 3 days London is a favorite European city for many visitors, for so many reasons. Whether you’re traveling there on a quick weekend break or you’re there for a few days before moving on to the next big

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Best day ever aka Walking with Lions (and cheetahs)

Walking with Lions and cheetahs BEST.  DAY.  EVER!!! Walking with lions and cheetahs is absolutely amazing! Before I get into that I have to start at the beginning.  We had heard about walking with lions at Mukuni Village and it

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Kaikoura New Zealand

Kaikoura New Zealand I knew I wanted to stop in Kaikoura to go whale watching.  Its the number one activity and I love whale watching.  Imagine my disappointment when it got cancelled in the morning and the afternoon session was

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Kayaking Abel Tasman

Kayaking the Abel Tasman with Sea Kayak NZ The day began with a transfer from Nelson to Marahau. Paddling offshore we headed to Tonga Island and its New Zealand fur seal colony. From there we kayaked further North to experience

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Go Study Abroad

Go Study Abroad Many people say one of their biggest regrets is that they never studied abroad.  This was never top of my list my first three years of school but then I decided since I didn’t get to take

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My first trip aboard

first trip abroad

My first trip aboard was to France for my high school french class in 1994. This was only my second time on an airplane after my first trip in 1988 to visit my godmother in Memphis. I was sixteen, going

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