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11 Castles near London England

Highclere Castle near London

13 Best Castles near London England – Plus the London Castle known as Tower of London I used to spend every weekend visiting castles near London when I worked in London.  They really make for a good day trip from

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Where to see Puffins in Iceland?

Puffins can be seen in Iceland in June

Puffins in Iceland:  A guide on where to see Puffins in Iceland Want to know where to see puffins in Iceland! Iceland has many natural wonders and an abundance of wildlife but one of its most well-known animals is the

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Iceland in January

Iceland in January

13 Things To Do In Iceland In January – things to do in Iceland in the winter Visiting Iceland in January may not be the prime time to visit but with cheap flights and a little pre-planning your trip to

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Why Iceland in June is the best time to visit

Kirkjufell Waterfall in Iceland

Why Iceland in June is the best time to visit Visiting Iceland in June – Iceland has been gaining in popularity as a tourist destination for the past few years, with more and more people visiting the country for the

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Map Golden Circle Iceland

Golden Circle Iceland

Iceland Map Golden Circle Iceland: Your Guide to the Perfect Golden Circle Iceland Tour If you’re visiting Iceland for the first time, then a Golden Circle Iceland tour is a must, as well as a map Golden Circle Iceland, since

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Beaches of Lagos Portugal

beaches of lagos portugal

Beaches of Lagos Portugal When you think of Europe you think of Mediterranean beaches and warm waters, even the UK has some of the most stunning coastlines and the best beaches in Kent.  But it is the Algarve that has

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The Ultimate Guide to visiting Benagil Cave Portugal

Benagil Cave

The Ultimate Guide to visiting Benagil Cave Portugal Is it worth visiting the famous Benagil Cave in Portugal?  Absolutely.  The Algarve Caves are a particularly stunning part of the Algarve, Portugal region.   My trip to Benagil Cave, Portugal was

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Best Beaches in Kent

sand beaches kent

Where are the best beaches in Kent UK? There are more than 50 beaches in Kent and finding the best beaches in Kent for you will not be hard with this list. Kent is located in the South Eastern part

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Scotland Itinerary 7 days

Best camera for blogging Sony A6500

Itinerary for Scotland: Scotland Itinerary 7 days Scotland is one of those places that is just magical. Bagpipes playing, men in kilts, Scotch, Castles, Outlander.  There are so many places to visit in this Scotland travel blog and are included

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London 2 day Itinerary – London in 2 days

3 days in London

London 2 day Itinerary – London in 2 days Yes, you can visit London in 2 days.  There is a lot to cover in London in two days and that’s why I have put together my favourite London 2 day

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Best day ever aka Walking with Lions (and cheetahs)

Walking with Lions and cheetahs BEST.  DAY.  EVER!!! Walking with lions and cheetahs is absolutely amazing! Before I get into that I have to start at the beginning.  We had heard about walking with lions at Mukuni Village and it

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Go Study Abroad

Go Study Abroad Many people say one of their biggest regrets is that they never studied abroad.  This was never top of my list my first three years of school but then I decided since I didn’t get to take

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My first trip aboard

first trip abroad

My first trip aboard was to France for my high school french class in 1994. This was only my second time on an airplane after my first trip in 1988 to visit my godmother in Memphis. I was sixteen, going

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