14 Best Beaches in Peru

14 Best Beaches in Peru

When you think of Peru, you probably think of Machu Picchu but did you know that are some of the best beaches in Peru?

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The beaches of Peru have something for everyone – surfing, inca ruins, red sand beaches and lots of gorgeous views!

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Peru beaches have a lot to offer so I suggest you take advantage of the soft white sand, warm weather, and beautiful blue waters.  There are even beaches near Lima!

I have put together this list of the 14 best Peru beaches.  If you had to ask me my top three Peru beaches I would say the following:

  • Cerro Azul as it is one of the best beaches near Lima
  • Playa Roja for its red sand beaches and the Paracas National Reserve
  • Mancora for its laid back charm

Read on to find out more beautiful Peruvian beaches and even a few Lima Peru beaches.

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Best Beaches Peru and where they are located

Cerro Azul Peruvian Beach

Cerro Azul is one of the best Peru beaches as it has kept its fishing town vibes and charm throughout the years. Located on the southern coast of Peru, and is surrounded by desert, the beach is a great surf and relaxation spot just two hours south of Lima.

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In Cerro Azul, visitors can sample the freshly caught fish of the day, as well as sample fresh ceviche and jalea. The beach also has a number of attractions including 4×4 rentals to explore the area, fishing from the pier and jet ski rentals.

Playa Roja

Often voted not only one of the best beaches in Peru but one of the best beaches in the world. Living up to its name the red sandy beach has jagged cliffs and turquoise blue waters.

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Playa Roja is located within the Paracas National Reserve, with an abundance of wildlife and marine life, located in the photogenic usual landscape. The red sand was created from years of erosion of solidified lava, which over time has created the bright red coloured sand. Located four hours south of Lima, Playa Rosa has made a name for itself around the world.


Mancora has several kilometres of beaches and resorts, located in a clean and friendly small town, with a population of only 8,000 people.

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Mancora is known for it’s surfing with 3 meters (10ft) waves, warm waters, palm trees and a thriving nightlife. The villages main street is filled with restaurants which serve seafood as well as international flavours. The Pan American Highway runs through the village which makes it an easy beach to reach with bus routes and transport links.


Located in northern Peru, Lobitos is one of the best beaches in Peru, but it is isolated and can be hard to reach but it is worth the effort. Located in the middle of the desert the beach is a quiet spot with an empty coastline. Lobitos is considered one of the best surfing beaches in Peru with waves reaching over 8ft on a regular basis.

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Punta Sal

The 6.5 kilometre stretch of the tranquil beach area, away from the crowds with calm waters, located along the Pacific coastline. The beach has soft sand, blue waters with an average temperature of 24 degrees, due to its proximate location to the equator. The closest town is Tumbes which is located one hour from Punta Sal. The waves along the coastline are perfect for swimming and relaxing in a quiet environment. It is even possible to go whale watching between June and October.

Miraflores Lima Peru Beaches

Miraflores is the perfect combination of a cosmopolitan city and a relaxed beach environment, making it one of the best beaches in Peru. The urban beach is located in the downtown neighbourhood of Lima, which is set high in the cliffs with the beach below. The landscape is diverse with city skylines, parks and beaches, which provides the best of both worlds with beach access and the restaurants in the city.

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Miraflores has a boardwalk which is perfect for walking, cycling, and rollerblading, with the beach and ocean the perfect place for surfing, swimming surf lessons and even paragliding.

Punta Hermosa

Some of the best beaches in Peru are popular surfing spots, and Punta Hermosa is no different, holding the National Championships the beach has a consistent break, in addition to right and left-hand waves to surf. With beaches on the left and right side, there are constant current swells. Punta Hermosa isn’t just a great place to surf, there is a large number of hotels, clubs and restaurants to dine at or have a cocktail, after a relaxing day at the beach.


Huanchaco is a beach located in the city of Trujillo. Surfers from around the world descend on the beach from April to October, to experience one of the five World Surfing Reserve Sites in the world. Huanchaco has a laid-back vibe which means it’s a relaxing place to spend a few hours or a relax all day.

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Trujillo is located 3 miles from the Chan Chan ruins which are ancient ruins dating back from pre-Colombian South America, these ruins are a great place to explore in the area. Not only does Huanchaco have great activities and day trips, but it is also the birthplace of the fresh fish dish ceviche.

The best beaches in Peru have unique and wonderful sites, varying in the landscape, sand colour and liveliness. Peru’s beaches provide something for everyone whether its activities, water sports, land sports, sampling ceviche or dine at excellent restaurants.

Asia Beach

Asia isn’t just one of the best beaches in Peru it one of the most luxurious with luxury houses, villas, golf courses and great shopping in the area surrounding the beaches. Asia is a collection of between 20 and 30 beaches, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore a large number of beaches, or a new one each day to find their favourite. The area also boasts some of the best restaurants in the country, with top high-class Peruvian chefs opening restaurants in the area and create unique traditional dishes.

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Located close to Lima is one of the best beaches in Peru called Pucusana. One of the main fishing ports is located in Pucusana and its best visited in the late morning. The area has two beaches, with plenty of places to walk, with activities including jet ski rentals, fishing locations, volleyball courts and boat trips. Pucusana also has fresh flavorful ceviche, with a number of restaurants offering the delicacy at a great price.

Las Pocitas

Las Pocitas is one of the best beaches in Peru with an exclusive quiet ambience, with turquoise waters, pure white sand and a tropical feel. The beach has natural pools at low tide which have formed inside the rock craters which are great to see and explore. One of the most unique things about this beach is the luscious green vegetation and palm trees which surrounds the houses and hostels which are located along the shoreline.

El Silencio

Located around 26 miles from Lima, El Silencio is a step into the summer away from the city. The white sand beach is narrow and surrounded by restaurants and nightlife areas, which make the perfect evening entertainment or lunchtime activity, to enjoy after a day on the beach. The beach is very clean with fine sand and a sense of cleanness, with beach chairs and loungers available for rental along the beachfront or space to relax and lay in the sand.

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Playa de la Mina

Playa de la Mina is a circular ring around a beach with rock formations surrounding the beach, creating a picturesque site. In high season the small beachfront can get crowded with people but in the quieter seasons or low season, visitors can have the beach to themselves. The water is great for swimming but it often colder than other beaches on the list, but it is exceptionally clear. Sea lions can also be present in the area which are a great site to see.

Cabo Blanco

One of the best beaches in Peru which was the inspiration for Ernest Hemingway’s book called The Old Man & The Sea, which was set in Cabo Blanco in the 50s and 60’s. The fish-rich seas are backed by rocky cliffs, blue sea and excellent surfing. The beautiful beach is still an inspiration today and a picturesque site from every angle.

Conclusion – Best Peru Beaches

A day in the sun is what every holiday needs so bring a good book and relax in the beach of your choice.

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Remember to take:

  • Towel
  • Water
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Leave your valuables at home

Do remember to keep your belongings safe when you go to the beach and take as little as possible especially if you want to take a dip in the ocean for a quick swim.

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