Visiting my 100th country – Chile!

When I was planning my five month trip around South America I knew I would hit 100 countries but I didn’t plan to have a place where I wanted it to be. I just booked my flights and itinerary by what I wanted to do and the flights that were cheapest.  Visiting my 100th country was a milestone.

When I arrived in Argentina I realised I was close to 100 and then figured out that Chile would be my 100th country!!!  Over 23 years I’ve managed to visit 100 countries.

Arriving in Santiago Chile

I flew from Buenos Aires to Santiago.  Wow the view over the Andes was amazing.  It was a quick two hour flight so when I arrived in Santiago I called an uber to take me to the Aubrey Hotel.

Visiting my 100th country
The Aubrey Hotel is a boutique hotel located near all the sites including Pablo Nerudo House and Bellavista Patio with alot of restaurants and bars.  The Aubrey is an old restored house with only 15 rooms.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful complete with a swimming pool and a piano bar.  The house itself is historic and beautifully renovated.  Its also the place I had my first Pisco Sour!  Now if you watch my Instagram stories you will know that I videod the bar tended making my drink.  One part pisco, one part sugar, one part lemon and one teaspoon egg whites.  Shake till frothy.  Yum.

It is located right next to the funicular to Cerro San Cristobal which is worth a visit up to the top and explore.

Exploring Santiago Chile

The staff at the Aubrey were so helpful and helped me plan my day of exploring.  Santiago is one of those countries best explored on foot.  From the Aubrey I went to the seafood market to try some fresh seafood.

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From there it was a short walk to Plaza de Armes which is the main square in Santiago.  It is a beautiful square with historic buildings surrounding it and the cathedral a few blocks away.

One of the best suggestions I got from the staff was to visit Emporio de Rosa for gelato.  Oh my wow this place is amazing.  I was told to try the Lucuma flavour which is a fruit that does not have an english name.  It was delicious and has an indescribable flavour.  I went for the dark chocolate which was blow my mind good.  I also had the Chilean dulce de leche which is different than the Argentinian variety.  The Chilean variety is more cinnamon flavoured and not as sweet.  I really enjoyed it.  This place was a home run for me – thanks for the suggestion from the Aubrey.

My time in Santiago was short and sweet to explore the city.  There is a lot to do there but as I was still jetlagged and I knew I would be back after Valparaiso I took my time and just meandered around.  I had a great time exploring and visiting my 100th country – Chile!

Many thanks to The Aubrey for sponsoring my stay in Santiago. Like always, all opinions are my own.

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14 thoughts on “Chile – visiting my 100th country

  1. Hanna

    Congratulations! 100 countries is a lot. Chile was not a bad choice to celebrate it. Hotel Aubrey looks tempting, I love boutique hotels (well, who doesn’t?!)

  2. Lisa

    Congrats on your 100th country. Love that old architecture there. Your digs for the stay look pretty inviting as well. Hope to visit too one day.

  3. Stephanie Fox

    Well done on visiting your 100th country! It looks so quaint and beautiful not at all what I expected Chile to look like

  4. Stephanie

    Congrats on your 100th country, what an accomplishment! You are a true inspiration to female travellers 🙂 I am dreaming of visiting Chile <3

  5. Micki

    Congrats on visiting your 100th country! That is quite the accomplishment. I am hoping to visit Chile sometime in the next year or two!


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