Gondar is a lovely city in the north of Ethiopia.  They say that its not what Gondar is, but what Gondar was that’s so enthralling.  The Royal Enclosure is the reason why people come to Gondar today.  The wealth is gone but it is still an amazing World Heritage Site.

The most impressive and oldest was the Fasiladas Palace.  Its the most intact building in the compound.  We hired a guide for the day which was well worth it.  Otherwise you’re really just walking around some ruins.  He was able to point out things we would not have seen and give us a bit of history on the place.  We visited the Royal Enclosure, Debre Berhand Selassie Church and Fasiladas’ Bath.
Gondar the Camelot of Africa

Gondar was a bit of a love hate relationship for me.  I loved walking around the Palaces and I loved the food.  We ate at four sisters restaurant which is not to be missed.  We had the buffet and then they put on a performance for us of their national dance and music.  It was amazing.  We also ate at Master Chef which was really good food and good value.  But my favourite thing in Gondar were the juices.  I wouldn’t actually call them juices but rather smoothies.  The one I loved was half avocado, half mango with lime juice on top.  It was delicious and we made trips to the juice shop daily (right next to the Royal Enclosure).

I shouldn’t say I hated Gondar but while we were there a Christian celebration was going on which meant the priests from Debre Berhand Selassie Church were chanting all day and night. This started at 1 am and finished at 7 pm ( and then stared up again the next day). You would think this wouldn’t be so bad but there are speakers all around town and one right outside my hotel room! It was a crazy few days of trying to get some sleep while it was quiet.

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