The main attraction in Lalibela Ethiopia are the rock churches that he carved out of the rock.  I’ve wanted to see them for a few years now and they really are magnificent.  They are connected through a maze of tunnels.
Lalibela is translated as honey eater. Honey is very prominent in Ethiopia.

Lalibela Ethiopia
The Rock churches were built in 24 years.

Lalibela Ethiopia
Me at St George. The last built and most beautiful of the rock churches.

Lalibela Ethiopia
There are so many tunnels going through the churches.  We had a guide for the morning but were too tired to do the afternoon so we saved the other churches for another day.  We tried to follow the locals around but they’d disappear into the wall and we’d have no idea where they went.  We had a great laugh getting lost in Lalibela.  Men would just appear to help us find our way to the next spot.

Lalibela Ethiopia

King Lalibela set out to construct a ‘new Jerusalem’ here.  The church of St George is one of eleven rock churches found in Lalibela dating back to the 12th century.  Hewn out of solid rock the church is perfectly symmetric and in the shape of a cross.  The church was then chiselled out from the inside to create windows and doors for worshippers to attend ceremonies there.  These churches have been the focus for pilgrimage for Coptic Christians since the 12th century.

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