Lesotho – Kingdom in the Sky

Its possible to take a day trip from Durban to Lesotho – the kingdom in the sky.  Most day trips do a shuttle transfer from Durban to Underberg and then in Underberg you switch to 4x4s as you must have a 4×4 to go through the Sani Pass.

So our day started at 5.30 am when we got up and our driver came at 6.15am.  It takes about 2.5 hours to drive from Durban to Underberg.

From there we signed in and they checked our passports and filled out a form.  We then got into the 4x4s and started our climb up the Sani Pass.  Its about 25 kilometres to the South African border patrol but the road is not paved so it is a long slow drive.

Our first stop was to try some homemade cooked bread and beer.  Let me tell you that bread was nice and warm and absolutely delicious.


The drive to the top was absolutely gorgeous and I really wasn’t expecting Lesotho to be so pretty.  Its really picturesque.  We stopped at the world’s highest pub to have some lunch.  The food was ok, traditional pub food, but the views are to die for.  Amazing.

After lunch at the highest pub in Africa we started our descent down to Underberg.  Underberg means under the mountain.

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