15 Must do Activities in Vegas for first timers

15 Things You must do in Vegas for first timers – what to do in Vegas during the day

First time in Vegas?  Here is everything you should do on your first time to Vegas including Las Vegas tips for first timers.  All of these things are what to do in Vegas during the day.

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This Las Vegas guide for first timers has all the best things to do in Vegas and Vegas tips for first timers – where to eat, what to do and see on the strip.  All the things to include in your Vegas Itinerary and tips for going to Vegas.

First Time in Las Vegas tips for first timers – what to do in vegas during the day

1. Take a Photo at the Fabulous Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada Sign

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Sitting in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard, this iconic landmark was erected in 1959 by Western Neon. Betty Willis was the designer of the sign. It is highlighted in pink light bulbs as a way of honoring and promoting breast cancer awareness.

Visitors from different parts of the world like taking pictures around this amazing sign. For a nice experience, visit there early in the morning when the place is not so busy. The image simply conjures delight and fun. The design is unique and easy to recognize.

There is a parking space around the sign. It is one of the must see attractions in Las Vegas.

2. Enjoy a Gondola Ride at the Venetian

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A gondola ride at the Venetian is one of the ridiculously awesome must do things in Las Vegas.

You can choose from the three popular sailing routes including the San Luca, the Grand Canal and Marco Polo. The ride is quite romantic and as you cruise, you’ll enjoy listening to Italian opera songs.

Remember to take your pictures as you sail on top of blue turquoise waters. Children aged below 1 are given free admission and the gondola carries a maximum of four passengers.

It is so entertaining and will probably be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life.

3. Watch the Bellagio Fountains

what to do in vegas during the day

You might have heard about them but you still need to visit and watch them in person. These dancing fountains will surely arouse your senses.

The fountains offer the most extraordinary sightseeing experiences in Las Vegas. You can watch them at any time both day and night. The fountains are thoughtfully interwoven with music and light and the fountains shoot high up making them look so mesmerizing.

The fountains are free and any visitor can watch. Simply find a strategic spot where you can sit back and enjoy. There are always there to wow you. You’ll fall in love with these fountains! It is one of the must things in Vegas.

4. Check out Fremont Street

what to do in vegas during the day las vegas tips

Fremont Street is among the first streets to be constructed in Las Vegas in 1905. The street features a broad selection of eateries and shopping facilities.

There is a huge library facility where you can enjoy reading some of the world’s best books. You can also explore the various exhibitions at the Mob Museum and even enjoy interacting with the friendly locals.

5. Tour the Neon Museum

This is where history, art, and culture of the locals are preserved and exhibited. The museum is open throughout the year but can be outdoors during the hot summer months.

Sunset and night are the best times to explore the Neon Museum. Some of the things you can enjoy while at Neon Museum include photo taking sessions, exploring the various pieces of art and learning more about the history of Las Vegas.

There are both night and day tours but be sure to make an early booking. Still photography is allowed in the museum. Therefore, whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, there is something for everyone here.

6. Experience the best of Las Vegas Brunches at Giada

Located on the 2nd floor of the Cromwell, Giada offers the most delicious dishes in Las Vegas.

They serve food with an Italian influence and include lots of stuff ranging from waffles to carbonara and lobsters. Brunch is served here three times per week from Friday to Sunday.

They have a multi-course finger-licking dishes that are very affordable. As you enjoy your brunches, remember to steal the cool views of the Las Vegas Boulevard through the oversized collapsible windows. Dining here is the best experience you can have in your Las Vegas tour.

I stopped here twice on my last trip. I had the lobster pasta and the lemon ricotta cookies. It was delicious.

7. Fly Linq Zip Lining between Two Hotel Towers


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You can’t afford to miss this thrilling experience. The ride sends you soaring to 400 feet above the Strip hotel-casino. As you ride, you’ll enjoy a 360-degree view of the Strip.

Every rider is belted in chairs which makes the ride both comfortable and safe. Riders are pushed at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour right to the top of Ipanema Tower then back to the starting point. It is not just like any other typical zip lining experience.

The ride is open from noon to midnight every day. You can also take great pictures as you enjoy the ride.  Cost is $25

8. Attend a Cirque de Soleil show

Cirque de Soleil is hailed a must do for shows in Las Vegas. It is the most exciting experience that offers entertainment for individuals and families.

Among the top shows by Cirque du Soleil include KA Empire, Mystere, MJ One, Plunge into O, Run, Zumanity, Alegria, and the Beatles Love among others. The shows can last for about two hours. The experience is quite exhilarating and you’ll surely applaud.

Remember to book a ticket in advance.

9. Visit the Park between Park MGM and New York-New York


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If you’re looking for an immersive experience, then this is precisely the right spot.

The Park is great for entertainment and dining. There is an eclectic combination of good bars, restaurants and entertainment spots where you can immensely enjoy yourself. It is good for the entire family.

There is also a 40-feet sculpture which is the best piece of art worth viewing. There are several restaurants offering special offers. You can indulge in a great dining experience after the show at the T-Mobile Arena.

10. Explore the LINQ Promenade


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LINQ Promenade is an ultimate spot that brings many people together through open-air gatherings.

It is pedestrian-friendly and has been lined with trees. The area is free from traffic and offers retail, dining and entertainment options. It is a nice spot in case you’re traveling with your family or looking for things to do in Vegas with a toddler.

Here, you can also stop for cool photo sessions with the fountains or High Roller. There is also the Sprinkles ATM that will make a nice background for your photos. Additionally, there are many holiday events to indulge in. Anyone can walk around LINQ Promenade. Don’t forget to step into one of the souvenir shops to buy something memorable.

11. Have an adventure at Siegfried and Roy’s Secret and Dolphin Habitat

what to do in vegas during the day

The place is popularly known for its recreated tropical setting. It is quite fascinating to explore. Here, you will get the chance to face live dolphins and other natural animals like tigers, leopards and white lions.

You can also engage in exclusive events like VIP tours behind the scenes, painting with dolphins and yoga and many more. It is also a nice spot to host birthday parties and celebrate other special events.

12. Visit Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden


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This is a wonderful place with unique displays of live works that feature thousands of professionally arranged flowers, water fountains, artistic sculptures, gazebos, bridges and many more.

This is where you can enjoy the calming and exciting touch of nature. The horticulturists in this garden never fail to amaze with the kind of work they do. They can craft many beautiful flowers and other exhibits that are quite thrilling to visitors. The flowers are both rare and beautiful.

The garden is open throughout the year. It is simply amazing and should be among your to do things in Las Vegas.

13. Enjoy watching a free show

Nightlife in Las Vegas is quite amusing. The Jazz Clubs, magician and Piano Bars are just but another side of Las Vegas.

The night lights are uplifting and as you enjoy sipping your cocktail, the background piano music will be playing and you can sing along to the fan favorites.

They are not like ordinary nightspots. One of the best places worth considering is the Piano Bar located at Harrah’s which offers piano shows every day at 9pm.

For the lovers of jazz music, Just Jazz is the perfect spot to visit. The place offers smooth jazz music every day from Wednesday to Saturday. Becker’s Lakeside is good for a piano night and is available every Friday and Saturday.

14. Have a tantalizing cocktail at Chandelier Bar


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Chandelier serves the best cocktail in Las Vegas. The bar has three-level space that offers visitors and guests  a magical and mystical experience.

The shimmering and ornate curtains of light add to the grandeur making the place very inviting. It is not just a place to zip cocktail but also a spot where you can forget all your life stresses and worries. Some of the top signature drinks served include Whiskey Business, Finishing School and We’re All Mad Here.

15. Enjoy a Monorail Ride

First Time in Las Vegas tips for first timers

This is a seven-stop, highly elevated train that rides along a 6.4 km route. It connects many attractions and major hotels along the Las Vegas Strip.

The ride takes about 15 minutes and the monorail glides at a speed of 50 miles per hour. Las Vegas Monorail ride is a great option in case you want to eliminate those long taxi waits particularly at the convention center.

In fact, it is one of the quickest modes of transport in Las Vegas. If you’ve never enjoyed a monorail ride, then this should be a chance not to miss.

Conclusion – Must do in Vegas for first timers

First Time in Las Vegas tips for first timers

I’ve put together this list of must do in Vegas for first timers after visiting Vegas so many times.  Its one of my favorite places to meet up with friends for a long weekend or to celebrate.  These Las Vegas travel tips include all the highlights!

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17 thoughts on “15 Must do Activities in Vegas for first timers

  1. It’s been almost five years since I last visited Las Vegas and I pretty much did everything in this list except Fly Linq Zipline, which didn’t even exist at the time. I would have loved to do it, it seems like an amazing experience. Also, I don’t think I visited the Linq Promenade.

  2. Vegas is such a crazy place! We went here for the first time to renew our wedding vows in the Little White Wedding Chapel, which was brilliantly bonkers! I didn’t know about the zip line though, I’ll have to save that for the next trip.

  3. I never been to Las Vegas but I am still not sure if it appeals to me, even though I would love to check the lights on the strip at night. I am more into my nature and landscapes so would more likely to hit up the Grand Canyon.

  4. Such great options for first time visitors to Las Vegas. I would add walking around the different hotels and seeing all the different unique themes. On our last trip to Vegas, we missed the Neon Museum and instead chose to vist the Mob Musuem. Another fascinating spot worth checking out as well:)

  5. Nice tips for first time visitors. Funny, of all the times I’ve visited Vegas, I’ve yet to take photo at the sign. 🙂 I keep missing out on the Neon Museum, will have to try to make it there on my next visit.

  6. So many fun things to do in Vegas. I’d love to go and ride the gondolas. It’s so touristy but such a hilarious way to spend time in Vegas. Though I’m not a huge gambler.

  7. Vegas is a place that I have only read of and seen in movies. The Bellagio fountain, the gondola rides…they all seem so romantic. I definitely would like to live them all. Fingers crossed

  8. These are some amazing recommendations.
    Never been to Vegas, so bookmarking this post. Lovely pictures of the Gondola ride. Is it as charming as the one in Venice?:) And do the Gondola men sing here as well?
    In love with dancing fountains, so will definitely love the ones at Bellagio. The fact that Fremont Street
    Has a huge library facility with some of the world’s best books is a delight to know! I have attended a Cirque de Soleil show in Mumbai ( the troupe travels across the world as well? ) I think the highlight for me would be the Fly Linq Zip Lining between Two Hotel Towers. That looks amazing!

  9. So many options to have a fun-filled time in casino country. My cousin visited Las Vegas recently and they toured the Grand Canyon by chopper. That Is something I had not associated with a Vegas trip.

  10. I need to go back to Vegas! Last time we stopped by on a rod trip and only got to do a few of these things. We spent half a day at an auto mechanic with car problems. Time to plan another trip!

  11. Even though we are not big gamblers, we love to visit Vegas for all the things to see and do. I would love to do a gondola ride at the Venetian. The Neon Mountain is also something we have not yet done. Good to know there are both day and night tours. I did not see the zipline that last time we were there. That would certainly add excitement. Thanks for some new suggestions for a return visit.

  12. I’ve been to Vegas for Spring Break the past 8 years Straight and I still haven’t seen or Experienced Everything there is to Do!!!!!! I Recommend that if You Do Anything Else in LIFE go to Vegas and let Your Hair Down it’s Worth the MEMORIES!!!!!!!

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