Sudan – Pyramids, heat and floods

We made it across the border no problem into Wadi Halfa Sudan and the first thing you notice is that its hot.  Really hot. The hottest I’ve ever been through 50 degrees Celcius (122 Fahrenheit) .  Believe me its hard to move when its that hot.  Or do anything really.  I think I managed to drink lots of cold drinks on top of the 6 litres I was drinking a day but that was it.  The first night in our tents we hardly slept it was so hot.

The second day we headed towards Karima and Jebel Barkel pyramids.  When we arrived at the pyramids there was no one there and we arrived in the middle of a sandstorm.  My photos are terrible as there is so much sand flying around you can’t really see the pyramids.

So that night we spent in our tents in a middle of a sand storm in the desert.  My roomie joked that we were going to have flash floods next.  Just keep reading she wasn’t far off.
On our third day we headed towards Khartoum and stopped at the Meroe Pyramids.  We arrived quite late in the day so we decided to go see them in the morning.  And then that night we had a thunder and lightning storm.  In the middle of the desert!  What was with this crazy weather?

After the pyramids we headed towards Khartoum but what did the rains from last night bring us?  Flash floods that are truck had to drive over.

When we finally arrived in Khartoum we went to the National Sudan Museum and looked at all of the artefacts.  This was a really nice museum.  I was a bit conflicted as to whether I liked seeing all of the artefacts in one place or if they should have left them at each of the different sites.  Although if they had left them at the sites I wouldn’t have been able to see them all and they may not have survived at the different sites.

We camped at the Blue Nile Sailing Club in Khartoum Sudan right on the river.  This was a really nice campsite with new facilities and the best feature was the juice bar right next door.  Every day I had a strawberry with milk juice.  So delicious.



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