The 15 Best Places to Visit in Sicily – Destinations

The Best Things to do in SicilyDestinations

There are several beautiful places in the world where to go, and Sicily is absolutely one of them! This biggest island in Italy simply tells that it has so much to offer to travelers, being an ancient island that is very rich in archeology and nature.

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Sicily is great in any season for it can be appealing all throughout the year, with the perfect complement of a gentle climate, wealthy history, good food, exciting day and night activities, and most especially the cozy ambiance.  

This list is the top places to visit in Sicily and the best cities to visit in Sicily. I spent two week going to all of the Sicily must see places and finding the best places in Sicily. These are my favorite places to visit in Sicily.

TLDR: Here are the top cities in Sicily, Italy

I will list the best places to visit Sicily starting with Palermo and then working clockwise around the island. This is how I took my road trip around Sicily

Palermo – the capital of Sicily

Cefalu – a beautiful beach town

Messina – closest to the main land

Taoromina – my favorite city with the ancient Theatre

Mt Edna – the famous Sicilian volcano

Catania – an often overlooked city but a great base to travel Sicily

Syracuse – a great place to explore the old city

Noto – a baroque city that is lovely to walk around

Ragusa – a UNESCO world heritage site town

Agrigento – Valley of the Temples is the number one Sicily attraction

Marsala – where you can visit salt lakes and marsala wine vineyards

Trapani – a great base to visit Erice and Favignana Island Sicily

All of these places make for a perfect 10 day Sicily road trip or if you have less time then check out this 5 Day Sicily Itinerary.

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Here are the top 15 Best Places to Visit in Sicily – Destinations

Palermo – visit Sicily’s Capital

Palermo is one of the top points of interest in Sicily!  A city of gallantry and splendor situated in the Southern Italy, now rising from a long-time bondage of its oppressors.  Here are some of the exciting reasons to be when in Palermo:

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Experience the Palermo Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour:  24-Hour Ticket

There is more to see and experience when you get into an open-top, hop-on hop-off bus tour, enjoy 2 routes with 1 ticket, and grab some photos as you stop by Piazza Quattro Canti, Villa Malfitano, Palazzo Steri, and many more.

On the first route, jump off from the terminal outside the Politeama Theatre, passing through the Massimo Theatre towards Piazza Quattro Canti and the nearby Vucciria Market.  Then cruise all the way to the botanical gardens, riding along near Palazzo Steri. Just a few distance from the central station, the Royal Palace, the flea Market, and the Cathedral surround you.  Then go back to the terminal along the ancient via Roma.

To see the beautiful villas of Palermo, take the second route.  Still starting from the terminal outside Politeama Theatre, the stunning English Garden captures your attention as you continue towards Villa Malfitano and the wonderful Zisa Castle.  Enjoy the tour that passes near the Mercato del Capo and the Massimo Theatre, towards the port, and then comes back to the terminal in Politeama Square.

Taste and See What the Street Foods and Local Market in Palermo:  3-Hour Tour

Accompanied by a certified tour guide, take a relaxing 3-hour walk to try Palermo’s street foods, visit the local markets, and discover more about the well-heeled culture as you pass the historic monuments and architectural figures.

Do not miss your food guide’s tips to reach the heart of Palermo and  uncover the most desired foodie places like the Theatro Massimo, Quatro Canti, Fontana Pretoria, and two typical local street markets.  Never miss to taste the local street food specialties such as Frittini, Aranchine, Autista, and typical handmade dolce as you pause along the way.

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Engage with the amazing and entertaining street vendors as you take on the place’s secret alleyways.  You’ll then see the working-class bar downtown to share a drink with the Palermitans as you mingle with them inside.  As you explore more, you may find the best spot to bring home a unique food passport souvenir.

There is also a similar tour in Palermo that takes two hours if you are looking for a shorter tour.

See more of Palermo on this Walking Tour of Palermo

Fill your eyes with the lovely views of Palermo’s iconic monuments like the brilliant Palermo Cathedral and Teatro Massimo opera house on a 4-hour guided tour especially designed for small groups as you run away from the long lines of large group tours.

Unleash the captivating history of the city of how it reached the modern day from the Phoenicians through the Roman Republic and the Byzantine Empire.

The winding streets of the Politeama sestiere (district) will lead you to see Europe’s one of the largest opera houses, the iconic buildings of Teatro Politeama and Teatro Massimo.  You can also check out the the Arab-Norman era and religious rites at sites such as the 12th-century Cappella Palatina (Palatine Chapel) in the Palazzo Reale.

Be mesmerized by the distinct architectural styles of the fabulous Palermo Cathedral facade, from the Gothic through the early Renaissance and Baroque.  Discover the hidden jewels of the historical center and learn the incredible stories of the past.

Cefalu – one of the best places to go in Sicily

Cefalu is a perfect beach getaway destination situated on the northern coast of Sicily, just few steps away from the historic central Palermo.  Driving from the winding Medieval streets bordered with bunch of stores and food hubs, you will reach the golden-coloured beach of Cefalu.  But there are more in Cefalu than you think!  Here are some:

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Cefalù Half Day Tour from Palermo

Be excited in a 6-hour tour from Palermo and add to your art collection experience the city’s Greek origins, exploring the Norman cathedral of Monreale on the slopes of Sicily’s Monte Caputo, viewing the bests of the city, like the  Mandralisca Museum, Duomo, the renowned painting of Christ, the Christus Pantokrator, and then visiting the Medieval washhouse.

Spend Half Day Tasting Castelbuono’s Wine

Cefalu is not just abundant with beaches and arts but also with wines in the scenic town of Castelbuono in the Madonie Mountains, the loveliest of all the hilltop towns and villages there.  Take a moment to wander around the spectacular views of the town and involve in the legendary 14th-century Arab-Norman castle which was constructed during the Hohenstaufen rule of southern Italy, the home to the holy relic of Sant’ Anna.

There then you can make your way to taste some of the Abbazia Sant’Anastasia winery’s preferred organic wines, served with the classic appetizers in the region.  Tour around the wine cellar and smell the aroma of handcrafted barriques (barrels) made of oaks.

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Cozy Dinner in the Madonie Mountains

If you had a great day time touring around, move to one of the most picturesque mountain villages in Madonie National Park on a 5-hour evening trip to San Mauro Castelverde, renowned for its medieval churches and typical small squares.  A landscape of mountains and sea would surely fascinate your sight.

Experience an authentic Sicilian welcome and feast on flavorsome Sicilian food when you go to ‘’Trattoria La Posada” in Karsa, a small hamlet of the village of San Mauro.

Satisfy your sense of taste as you try the dishes of organic foods produced in the surrounding farms as prepared by chef Rosa with her culinary secretsWith some typical Sicilian music until late at night as you dine, surely you’ll have one of your best evenings.

Enjoy Cefalu and Unwind in the Beautiful Seaside

Most likely after enjoying the tour in the crowded and loud city, you’d love to sit and soothe your senses, relaxing in the wonderful seaside of Cefalu while waiting for the lovely sunset and at the same time for your ordered fresh fish, as well as for the lighting of the port which brightens the night.

Messina – best places Sicily visit

The capital of the Italian Metropolitan City of Messina, Messina is the third largest city on the island of Sicily, the 13th largest city in Italy, and is just a few kilometers from the Italian mainland, sitting on a curved harbor at the northernmost point of Sicily’s Ionian Coast.  This town is filled with attractions that vacationers love to discover.

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24-Hour Hop-on Hop-off Tour Ticket in Messina

There are two 2 sightseeing routes in the town of Messina that you can choose from.  The first one starts from the most important square in Messina, the Piazza Duomo, where you can  marvel at the animated clock of the cathedral and the bell tower, considered as the largest and the most complex mechanical and astronomical clock in the world.  A

rrive at the seafront and the famous promenade as the tour continues via Garibaldi before traveling back to the city by passing through the coast road.

There are several stops along the way that allow you to easily get to the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele, the gorgeous Villa Mazzini, and the Municipal Aquarium.  An encounter with the works of Caravaggio, Antonello Da Messina, and Girolamo Alibrandi that are proudly displayed in the Regional Museum completes your trip.

On the other hand, the second route brings you to the beautiful Sacrario di Cristo Re that was built on a small hill on the ruins of the Castle of Matagrifone.  There, you can enjoy a unique panorama of the strait.

Guided walking tour of Messina

On this 2.5-hour guided walking tour, you’ll explore the city of Messina to see some of the most beautiful and important spots in the city, though still partially hidden.  You will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele (theater) and the beautiful Villa Mazzini (home to an amazing and huge aquarium). 

You can then spot the Regional Museum and walk up to discover the Sacrario di Cristo Re, built on a small hill on the ruins of the Castle Matagrifone.  Take photos of the wonderful and incomparable views of the strait and the city as you wander around.

Messina:  3-Hour Segway PT Authorized Tour

On this fun and informative Segway tour led by a qualified guide, delve in to fascinating history and memorials of Messina.

Beginning the tour from Via Castellammare, few steps away from Via Garibaldi, next to the Catalani Church, you will arrive at the city’s commercial center known as the Piazza Cairoli, then reach the Piazza Pugliatti where you can see the Court of Justice and the university.

Continue the tour to get into Piazza Duomo to marvel at the fountain of Orion and the Cathedral with its bell tower, famous for its astronomical clock unveiled in 1933 when the reconstruction of the Christian temple was finished.  The beautiful baroque fountains in front the church S.S. Annunziata dei Catalani add up to the beautiful sight as you go there. 

Close to Via Lepanto, see the monument dedicated to Don Juan of Austria before moving to Piazza Antonello that is surrounded by neoclassical palaces.

Be mesmerized by the baroque palace Monte di Pietà along your way to the medieval church San Francesco d’Assisi.  Pass through the public gardens to arrive at the Piazza Unità d’Italia, where you will see the Palace of the Government and the fountain of Neptune by Montorsoli.

From here, you will ride back to Piazza Municipio, observing the statue of Ferdinand de Bourbon and the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele along the way.

The tour itinerary can be modified on-site as you discuss with your guide to include shopping at Viale San Martino and enjoying the panoramic view from Montalto Church or the North Coast Museum, for instance.

Taormina – one of the most beautiful places in Sicily

Despite being considered a small town on the east coast of Sicily and posted up on a hill about 250m above the sea level that lies next to Mount Etna, Taormina is undeniably gigantic in terms of being mostly visited by tourists.    About midway between Messina and Catania, it is a good base for day excursions in eastern Sicily.  Discover Taormina with these things to do there:

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Visit the Ancient Theater of Taormina, the Palazzo Corvaja, and the Villa Comunale

Be fascinated with this ancient Greek-style theater built of bricks that is known as the second largest in Sicily.  Grab tickets to witness an opera or show held right on the ancient theater of Taormina while in town!

As it lies at the very back of Taormina, you can view the smoking Mt. Etna and the amazing Bay of Naxos down below. 

Just few meters away from the Teatro Greco, you can take a tour of the Palazzo Corvoja, an Arabic-style palace built in the 10th century.  Be captivated as you roam by the inner court yard and see the astonishing window arch and door frames.

And take a 750-meter-ride again to the Villa Comunale, where you can spend no single euro while enjoying the garden filled with lovely flowers as you lay under the shades of the trees while being relaxed by the picturesque view of the sea and city below.

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Discover Isola Bella and Blue Grotto

Known as The Pearl of the Ionian Sea, Isola Bella is one of the Borromean Islands of Lago Maggiore in north Italy.  Situated in the Borromean Gulf, this island is 400 metres from the lakeside town of Stresa, which is surrounded by sea grottos and has a small and rather rocky beach where the sunbathers love to go.  It is divided between the Palace, its Italianate garden, and a small fishing village.

Take a ferry ride or cable car to visit this island, probably a day trip in summer to catch the annual Stresa Festival that features relaxing jazz music.

You can also take an adventure to The Blue Grotto also known as the Grotta Azzurra.  From Isola Bella, grab a boat to reach this blue wonder sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, Southern Italy, where you can also do scuba diving.  Attest how the sunlight makes a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern as it passes through an underwater cavity.

Mt. Etna – Sicily top attractions

Mt. Etna is the highest volcano in Europe and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.  Located on the east coast of Sicily, it overlooks the whole region. And its historical eruptions besides its impressive size offer a lot of activities to experience by the visitors.  Here are some of them:

Full Day Tour to Mt. Etna From Taormina

Starting from the bus terminal in Taormina, Via Pirandello, an air-conditioned coach will bring you to the Alcantara Gorges (entry extra), which is an impressive natural sculpture.  Capture the remarkable gorges built due to solidified lava flow on the river when Mt. Etna erupted thousands of years ago.

Then, go higher to have a sumptuous lunch in one of the several cafes or restaurants before heading up via jeep to the authorized crater zones and be mesmerized by the subsequent activity of the summit craters.  And the tour ends as you are driven back to Taormina.

Morning Excursion in Etna From Catania

You will be picked up from your accommodation before driven by an air-conditioned Jeep or minivan to Mount Etna.  Your professional guide will educate you of the volcano’s history and even discuss with you if you have queries as you ascend to a height of about 2,000 meters.

You will learn the different characteristics of the volcano’s features:  its natural resources, its astounding landscapes, and its huge lava flows that have destroyed buildings and roads.

Then you will be taken a guided walk among the ancient craters and recent lava flows, surrounded by a surreal unique moonscape by an easy trek that is suitable for everyone, including families with young children and older members.  This happens when you’re at an altitude of 2,000 meters.

The second stop is visiting and exploring the lava flow cave after the trek and a short break as take by your car.  Wearing a helmet and bring a flashlight is a must as you learn everything from your guide.

And the third and final stop allows you to take in the panorama of the Valle del Bove at a viewpoint.  It is the most important valley on the east slope of the volcano.

Cable Car, Jeep and Hiking Expedition to the Summit

Reach the peak of the craters of Mt. Etna by a safe hike tour with an authorized guide.  From Sapienza Refuge in Nicolosi, you will be taken by the cable car way up 2,504 meters high. 

Next up, you’ll have a 4X4 Jeep ride up to 2,900 meters, and at this point, your hike begins.  An uphill hike for 1.5 hours will let you pass many craters and have some long pauses to take pictures and rest.  One of the most fulfilling experiences is being on the top of the world in this rocky, magnificent landscape with the giant sky above you. 

After reaching the summit, you’ll then go down for 2 hours to reach the cable car again that will take you to your departure point.

Off-Road ATV Tour of Mt Etna

An adventure you shouldn’t miss when in Mt. Etna is riding on an ATV to experience passing through some of the most dazzling sites in the region.

Start off from the Alcantara Gorges, go after mud trails heading Castiglione di Sicilia, well-known for its winemaking, and pause for a moment to marvel at the incredible views of the valley.

In the direction to Linguaglossa, where you can see the little volcano of Moio Alcantara, Etna’s farthest crater from the epicenter, continue on a bike trail.  The lava flows formed during numerous eruptions will attract your sight as you drive the way.  Stop and explore the Coruccio cave, and then climb to Piano Provenzana at an altitude of 1,850 meters.

Alcantara River Gorge – where to go in Sicily

The Alcantara River Gorge is situated on the north slopes of Mount Etna, a very special spot that is often missed by tourists though it is just a half an hour travel from Taormina by bus  or shorter even by car or taxi.

There are various of trails at the gorge where you can hike along the top of the gorge, namely, Gorge Trail, Alcantara Trail, Eleonor Trail and body Rafting.  You may encounter hard trails, so wearing safety gears like helmet and wetsuit water shoes or wading boots is a must, which are available for rental at the site.

If you are not into hiking, you can do the other activities instead.  Enjoy involving in the Sicilian Cooking Class or local food tasting, as well as the unique olive or citrus harvesting from the gardens and fields of the Alcantara Valley.

Catania – Best Town to stay in Sicily

To me, Catania is one of the best places to stay in Sicily. You can check out my post on the best places to stay in Sicily, Italy.

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Sitting at the foot of Mt. Etna, Catania is an ancient port city situated on the eastern coast of Sicily.  Its rich history makes it a perfect destination for explorers and vacationers to do some of these things:

Walking Tour in Catania Like a Local

Traveling is not just about riding a bus or a plane nor enjoying the views and taking photos, but it is getting to know more about the people or the locals of the place you are visiting.

In this tour, you will not just do what tourists do, but also do what the locals do as you explore with a local host who will teach you to live as if you are a local from Catania.

Find an honest and loyal local who is very willing to impart to you their ideas and knowledge so you will learn about cultural differences and city events.  Even though they are not considered licensed guides because they only do tours occasionally, they provide realistic and intimate experience.

They can give you information that the tour books don’t give, including the best authentic places to eat, the easiest ways to get around, and the secret you must discover.

The main take away of the tour is being familiar with the place to comfortably roam around and being assured that your stay would be a great time to spend without worries.

Catania Street Food Tour

Starting from the Info Point site on via E. Merletta, 3, begin your adventure through the flavors, aromas, and gastronomic traditions of Catania.  Be captivated by the stunning infrastructures like the Town Hall, the St. Agata’s Cathedral, the Obelisk of the elephant or “Liotru” (symbol of the city), and the Amenano fountain as you roam around the Piazza Duomo.

Walk through Catania’s main street, Etnea, which was named after the Etna volcano that is visible from the beginning to the end of the boulevard.  Walk your way through Piazza Università with its magnificent baroque buildings that was built after the destruction of the earthquake of 1693.  See Via dei Crociferi, a small jewel of baroque art and churches, often immortalized by the greatest Italian filmmakers.

While enjoying the tour, grab the chance to taste the bests of the local products.  In the central squares, have some refreshing drinks. 

Diving Tour at Gulf of Catania

Dive into the depths of the Gulf of Catania to experience an incredible underwater trip and be amazed by the gems below.

With the company of licensed marine biologists, explore the vibrant and unique flora and fauna, magnificent lava bottoms of the Gulf of Catania and the enchanting protected marine area “Isole Ciclopi.” 

Seeing the underwater canyons, the volcanic faults and the Second World War shipwrecks, while swimming along the groupers, white breams, octopus, sponges, and gorgonians is one of the best adventures you could ever experience with no worries on your safety especially if your diving the first time because the finest of quality diving equipment are provided.

Boat Tour with Snorkeling for 4 Hours from Catania

The underwater volcanic region Isola dei Ciclopi is also a great place for a 4-hour snorkeling tour.  Sailing on a 7-meter boat, together with of a marine biologist and underwater environmental guide, uncover the 20-kilometer volcanic coast between the La Timpa Natural Reserve and the Marine Protected Area of Isola dei Ciclopi as you follow a path over the beautiful lavic seabed.

Collect an amazing lifetime memory as your eyes capture the breathtaking views underneath as you snorkel and encounter groupers, white breams, octopus, sea sponges, and much more.  Having this unique underwater adventure allows you to see basalt pillars, lava ropes, lava pillows, and colorful sea life and plants.

Syracuse and Ortigia Island – one of my favorite cities in Sicily

“Siracusa” in Italian is a fabulous town on the south-east corner of the island that is separated by Ortigia Island and the main town Siracusa, the two being connected by a short foot footbridge.  It is as well very wealthy with ancient gems evidenced by various architectural infrastructures that could be enjoyed by the following trips:

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Walking Tour of Ancient Syracuse

A guided tour for 3 hours is good enough to explore the Greek history and wander around the capital of the Mediterranean to see the glorious Cathedral, the ancient Temple of Athena, the Greek Theater, and the Roman Amphitheater.  You can proceed to the Archeological Park and be delighted in viewing the Paradise Latomia and the Ear of Dionysos. The breathtaking views of The Ionian Sea from the Greek Theater is very relaxing time to look at.

Velo Bike Around and Experience Segway Ride in Syracuse

You can tour around the city up to the island of Ortigia in a Velo Bike after being fetched from your hotel.  Accompanied by your driver, you will be educated with the city’s amazing maze and rich historical backgrounds with an opportunity to capture photos to keep at each stop of the tour as you enjoy the extraordinary panoramic views. 

If you ought to explore more of the city to observe the impressive Greek ruins, you can ride a Segway and somewhat give breath to your feet as you take a walking tour.  If you took the booking, then meet in bus parking next to the port, entrance from Via Rodin bus.

Noto – what to see in Sicily

Known for its baroque architecture, Noto is a city in southeastern Sicily. This was my first stop in Sicily and one of my favorites. I loved how chill Noto is and I had some of the best food ever here. I highly recommend taking a tour around the city to learn about this history and architecture here.

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Day tour to Noto from Catania

You can visit the historic town center to see the reconstructed 18th-century Noto Cathedral, the Palazzo Ducezio, which is now the town hall across the street, with the Hall of Mirrors embellished by gilding and stuccos and be welcomed by a 19th-century triumphal arch Porta Reale at the entrance gate of the town.  Just few steps away is the richly decorated balconies Palazzo Nicolaci.

Having enough time to do a full day tour, you can roam around and stroll the vicinity to visit the roman mosaics of the Tellaro Villa, the nature reserve of Vendicari, and the archaeological area of Noto Antica (ancient Noto).

San Vito Lo Capo – Sicily must see

Famous by its wonderful beaches, tourists love to spend their vacation in San Vito Lo Capo, a small town situated in a valley between the mountains of north-western Sicily.  And for more of this enthralling heaven-like place, here are few things to do here:

Full Day at the Beach of Zingaro Reserve and San Vito Lo Capo from Palermo

Travel for over an hour From Palermo to enjoy as you relax in the breathtaking white sand beaches, turquoise waters, as well as dramatic cliffs and caves of Vito Lo Capo.  Have traditional treats like cunzato bread, arancini, and panelle. Then continue your excursion around the charming town before your return to Palermo.

Check out my post on The Best Beaches in Sicily. You really do not want to miss these beautiful places to visit in Sicily.

Ragusa – visit Sicily

Another one of the most charming towns in Sicily is Ragusa, with a breathtaking view from the upper town over Ragusa Ibla on its own separate hilltop. 

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One of the UNESCO-listed Baroque places and one of the main sites in filming the Sicilian detective drama Il Commissario Montalbano (Inspector Montalbano), a series which has done wonders for publicising the beauty of this area.  Tourists love to go here, having the new airport at Comiso very accessible.

Baroque Tour with Wine & Gourmet Food

On a 3-hour tour in Ragusa, fill your sight with the beautiful landscapes, satisfy your taste buds with the delicious Sicilian wine, and savor the delightful Baroque mood.

Having the strong urge to visit the town physically is the only way to know more about it.  Wear your best footwear to go around, see, and appreciate the marvelous land as you capture it by heart.

The simple doorways and well decorated portals, gates and windows adorned with flowers, jutting balconies supported by grotesque masks, sumptuous decorations of churches, deformed simplicity of narrow steps, and small quiet alleyways are the bunch of what the city is rich of as shown in the old Italian films.

And as a wine-connoisseurs’ paradise, having the perfect blend of its soil composition, lots of sunshine days, and healthy biodiversity, Ragusa produces excellent red or white wine that serves the marvelous baroque atmosphere

Agrigento and the Valley of Temples – best places in Sicily

Agrigento is best known as the city of temples, situated on the southern coast of Sicily, just south of the “modern city” and nestled among olive trees on a ridge near the sea, where there are some of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world. 

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The Valley of the Temples is a marvelous anthology of seven temples from the 6th and 5th centuries BC.   Aside from Agriento’s pride for the ancient and enthralling ruins, it also proudly displays its Baroque architecture, sparkling beaches, spectacular islands and crystal-clear waters in several tours:

Tour of Agrigento and the Valley of Temples and Kolymbethra

Be in awe of the amazing Greek art models and Doric design at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Valley of the Temples as you learn about the saga of the temples on the sacred hill from your tour guide. 

Understand the characteristics of several temples namely, Temple of Hera, Temple of Concordia, Temple of Herakles, and Temple of Zeus.  To know more about the ancient Greek culture and the eccentrics that made Akragas the most beautiful city of mortals, visit the sanctuary of chthonic deities on the plains of the Olympic field.

Head to what is also referred to as the Garden of Eden, the vibrant Garden of Kolymbetra that is hailed by writers and poets from ancient times.  Entertain your senses with the sweet aromas and fascinating sights as you smell and see the bunch of different plants typical to Sicily.

Take a day trip from Catania to the Valley of the Temples and Turkish Steps

For almost whole day, go and see the Valley of the Temples, discover one of the most amazing beaches in Sicily, love being in an eight-people group tour.

From Catania, you will be picked-up from your hotel in a comfortable minivan at around 8:30 AM.  For about two and a half hours you will reach Agrigento to stop and take a closer view to the amazing Valley of the Temples as well as other richly protected Greek temples in the world.

After collecting photos and even knowledge as memento, you can then now travel few kilometers to take a relaxing time while enjoying the beautiful beaches in Sicily and try walking on Scala de Turchi or greatly known as Turkish steps, a gentle slope high above the sea on your feet.  And have lavish Sicilian snacks while in there.

From Taormina to Valley of The Temples & Piazza Armerina

A whole day tour by bus with a guide is a great time to enjoy your holiday.  From Taormina, travel for almost three hours to reach the first stop and spend almost the remaining hours to see the ancient Greek temples especially the Valley of the Temples. 

Erice – Sicily tourist attractions

Erice is a preserved medieval town, towering at 751 mt above sea level and offering the most stunning views. Situated on Sicily’s west coast, the historic town looks down over the harbor of Trapani, surrounded by defensive town walls.

where to go in sicily

Take a half day tour of Erice

Choose to discover more of Erice, a small town yet big enough to give you Sicily’s full image, in just half of the day.  This medieval city known as elimian’s town is a product of several conquerors including the Phoenicians, the Romans that built the Venus Castel, the Arabs, and the Normans.

Collect memories with its mountain San Giuliano, its unforgettable view between the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Sea, its mystic castle of Venus, its narrow old street, its mother Church, its culture, its famous handmade carpets, and its flavorful “ericini” made of almond pastry.

Erice is undeniably beautiful that its pictures are still used by famous movie makes on TV and Cinema.  The sicilian breeze up to Erice is something great to enjoy with indeed.

Villa Romana del Casale – top sights in Sicily

According to facts, Villa Romana del Casale is a large and elaborate Roman Villa or palace located about 3km from Piazza Armerina, Sicily.  Originally intended for use as a hunting lodge in the middle of the 4th Century AD by a Roman patrician, now it is a home to some of the best-preserved examples of Roman mosaics.

Stair of the Turks (The Scala dei Turchi) – one of the most beautiful places in Sicily

Situated along the stretch of sea between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle (Agrigento), this white cliff is a huge rock made of a soft, limestone and a blinding white marl. 

When you ascend the staircase, you will have the feeling of being in Wonderland, on a huge white meringue. The sea, taking advantage of this sparkling white, will be showing off his blue.  A very intense blue, and while sitting on the steps admiring the sea, you will be surrounded by the most pleasant thoughts.

After an amazing tour to see the Temple Valley in Agrigento, be stunned with the magnificence of the iconic stairway constructed by nature that’s why it is as peculiar and spectacular as it is.

Favignana Island

The largest island of the Egadi, stretched for about 9 kilometers, resembling a butterfly in shape, and the nearest to Sicily’s coast, Favignana can surely be near enough to be reached by a ferry/hydrofoil from the port of Trapani or with private services in just half an hour.  It also has an airport that makes it more accessible tourist destination in Sicily.

Favignana and Levanzo Mini-Cruise

The Port of Trapani in Via Ammiraglio Staiti, Marinella wharf is the meeting place at around 9:30 AM before sailing half an hour or more on a boat to Favignana Island to enjoy exploration there for about two hours.

Then your coastal tour starts at around 12:30PM, heading north-east along the eastern side of the island reaching the famous Cala Rossa, Bue Marino, and Cala Azzurra.  You can stop and enjoy a swim if the weather conditions and tidal current allow you to.  Have a sumptuous lunch while enjoying the breathtaking views you continue sailing to Levanzo.

For more than two hours of cruising, you will arrive at Levanzo for to stop and explore for an hour.  Feed your senses with the enchanting view of the Mediterranean Village, the only inhabited zone on the island, from the port of Levanzo.  After that, your tour will go on to reach the famous Faraglioni, one of the most spectacular views of the island, cruising along the beautiful coastline.  At around 5:15PM you will depart back towards Trapani, arriving back in the port at 6:00 PM.  And you’ll take away an unforgettable day of coastal exploration.

Conclusion: The Best Things to do in Sicily – Sicilian Cities

I hope you have enjoyed this list of the best things to do in Sicily and the best places to visit in Sicily. There are so many great Sicilian cities you must visit.

Are you planning a trip to Sicily? Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and check out my other guides to Sicily.

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