Three year blogaversary

Today marks three years of my Travelgal Nicole blog. Happy blogaversary!

May is my blogaversary and I started my blog in 2014 about a year before I headed to Africa for six months. I wanted a way to showcase my photos and tell my stories.

Check out this article on how to start a travel blog for more info on starting your own blog.

Three years later and I find myself in Colombia on a six month trip around South America. This trip has been a bit harder for me. I had the first six weeks planned but after that I thought I would wing it. What I’m finding is that it is causing me stress not having a plan. I’m afraid I will miss something while I am here and I am also balancing the need for a bit of a rest.

I started off the trip with a bang – visiting lots of places and blogging about it. Then somewhere around Bolivia I started to feel really sick from the altitude and my stomach wasn’t feeling great either. Not being able to use your brain makes it a bit more difficult to write.

So today for my blogaversary I treated myself to a nice meal along the waterfront and had a bloody mary to celebrate. I also went through some of the highlights of this trip and some of the things I still need to cover on the blog.  Here is the camera I use for blogging.


Arriving in Buenos Aires – one of my favourite cities. It really is a place I could never get bored.  I loved the bike tour I took there.

Rio de Janeiro – another favourite city. I wrote a list of my top things to do in Rio. It was an action packed six days.

Salar de Uyuni – hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Laguna Colorada is simply amazing as well.

Visiting Machu Picchu my 6th new wonder of the world. Its a highlight of anyone’s trip.

Cartagena where I am now is such a vibrant city. I’m enjoying my nightly fish dishes and the locals who seem to recognise me and our nightly Buenos Noches as we pass each other.


I had the worst experience with altitude sickness. I was just plain dopey and I find that especially difficult as I normally make good decisions and know what I want to do.
I have fallen completely behind on blog posts for Brazil and Bolivia. For now I’m going to put them on hold because I have a lot to write about Peru and then Colombia and Ecuador.

I picked up the worst stomach bug in Peru.  About every four days or so it would come back until I was finally in Huacachina and I thought I was going to die.  I’m not used to getting sick so this was particularly tough.

Where to next

As I said I’m currently in Colombia for the next two weeks and then I am off to the Galapagos for a week which I am beyond thrilled about.

After that I’m going to Guyana and Suriname with a bit of island hopping along the way.  I’ve planned it all out and now I just need to book it all in so that I won’t stress anymore.

Can anyone tell me why I procrastinate even though this is what I want and I’ve come up with a near perfect itinerary?  If I wait it will only get more expensive.  Seriously what’s wrong with me.

The plan is to go to the States a bit earlier as I still need to book things for our trip to the UK and I need a bit of rest and vegging out at my parents house is just the thing for it.

I’ll be back in New Zealand at the end of August but I have more plans for this year.  I hope to go to Tahiti or Vanuatu for my birthday in November and then somewhere over the Christmas break.  Maybe the Philippines or PNG and East Timor.  I’m not going to plan too much in advance right now but I know I’ll keep travelling.





Nicole LaBarge is a travel expert who has been traveling internationally for over 25 years and she has visited over 115 countries all while working a 9-5. She has lived in England, Scotland, Japan and New Zealand. Check out her detailed destination guides and travel product guides.

13 thoughts on “Three year blogaversary

  1. It’s so refreshing to hear you talk about feeling like you’re missing out when you’re unplanned because we feel the same way! It’s almost as if some travellers think they do a ‘better’ job of it if they plan as they go. Different strokes for different folks and all that ❤ Pleased you’re feeling better now – things will start looking up.

  2. Happy anniversary!

    I can relate to the procrastination. I am full-time traveling and I love it and I love writing about my travels but when I see a lot of things in a short period of time it gets tough and I’d rather rest my head than write at the end of a day. I’ve been staring at the folder with my Siem Reap / Angkor photos for a week now not coming up with the courage to sift through them let alone get started on the blog post…

    Enjoy Galapagos & happy travels for the rest of the year!

    1. Everyone needs to remember that the experience is the most important!!!! Maybe keep good notes for reflective blogs after the trips and less stress about blogging along the way???????

  3. Congratulations! Three years of blogging is a long time. I’ve not even completed a year yet so, would love to know how you think you have changed as a traveler and as a blogger. Happy travels and more power to you!

  4. I can totally relate; getting sick while traveling is the worst! I spent my last birthday in Thailand and was sick 90% of the time. I still enjoyed my trip immensely, but it would obviously have been perfect without the sickness. Glad you are doing better…a bit of rest can do wonders.

  5. Sounds like a good year. I have been dying to get to Argentina as well, but have too much more to do in Europe and Central Europe this year (one trip turns into 2 then 3 then 4 you know how it goes!)

    Hope you have a good 2017

  6. How did you deal with the sicknesses??? Doctors locally???? Self medicate with stuff you too with you???? Really need to know more for preparation for potential trips!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! I hate feeling unwell when I travel. It makes it hard for me to be adventurous. On the other hand, it’s okay too because you will not rush yourself in trying to do so many things all at once. Procrastination isn’t good but maybe you just planned too much and did not allocate time to breathe.
    I wish you more success in your blog. = )

  8. Congrats of the blogversary! Loved reading about your travel journey with all its highs and lows. Was recently struck with AMS at a recent trip to Sikkim and I must say it was quite scary. Falling sick on a travel completely ruins a trip! wish you many happy travels ahead!

  9. First off, congratulations on coming this far. I’m happy for you. I will definitely come back to your posts because South America is my next destination. After November will you travel back there or you will be done with your 6 mths?

  10. I wish you a very happy blogoversary! Three years is a lot. By the way I also participated in Travel bloggers whisper challenge and I think it was a great success. What is your opinion?

  11. A very happy blogoversary!! And happy blogging ahead. I have been into the journey for an year. So, I can imagine how three years will look like – so much of work, so much of travel would have already gone into it. Wish you a lot more, stress free travel.

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