30 Best Minimalist Backpacks for 2023 Comprehensive Guide

How to choose the Best Minimalist Backpacks for Travel for men and women

There are many different minimalist backpacks available depending on what your needs and requirements are. Do you want to be able to carry your camera? Your clothing, do you need a bag for hiking or to use as a day pack when exploring a city?

Best minimalist backpack for travel

I have created this list of the best minimal backpacks no matter what your needs and requirements. I am always on the lookout for good minimalist travel backpacks to take on my trips. I’m currently using this one as a day pack and I love this one for my camera gear.

Overview: Best Minimalist Backpacks Review

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Best Minimalist Backpacks for Women

1.  Thule Women’s Landmark Adventure Backpack 

The Thule Women’s Landmark Adventure backpack is the perfect minimalist backpack for women. It is available in two colors blue and burgundy, with a suitcase-style opening for easy access to the contents inside.

The bag has multiple compartments with places to organize and protect your phone, sunglasses, and a SafeZone compartment for valuable items. 

This is the best minimalist backpack as it is unique as it joins together to create one 70L backpack or can be divided into a 50L main bag and a 20L add-on day pack. This is perfect for traveling as you can carry two bags at once easily, the day pack has a laptop compartment, and is carry-on friendly. 

2.  Peak Design Everyday Backpack 

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is ideal for travelers with cameras, as it has three FlexFold dividers to configure and store cameras safely in the backpack.

The bag is stylish and ideal for women travelers as it is also practical as well as fashionable. It is water-resistant and has a double zipper that can be opened from either side, top, or the bottom.

The backpack has magnetic seals to close the flap pocket to conceal valuable items such as your wallet, camera, passport, and other items. The bag is lightweight and has a compartment for a laptop up to 15”.

3.  TomToc Travel Backpack 40L

The TomToc travel back has a capacity of 40L and is available in black. The backpack is carry-on approved and features three compartments, with anti-theft zippers.

There is a main compartment, a laptop compartment, and a front compartment. The front compartment has pockets for storage, as well as a zippered entry into the main compartment. The main compartment can be accessed through the front pocket or the main pocket which opens like a suitcase, for easy packing and access. 

The backpack has comfortable thick shoulder straps and can be added to a suitcase with the luggage belt, for easy transportation when traveling. It also has an adjustable chest strap, hip belt, and compression straps on each side.

Minimalist Day Packs & carry on backpacks for women

4.  PacSafe Metrosafe LS350 Anti-theft 15L Daypack

The PacSafe Metrosafe LS350 daypack is a 15L backpack that is available in four colors, which includes a black minimalist backpack, navy, khaki, and grey.

This backpack is ideal for traveling as it is lightweight and is great for using as a day pack when hiking, exploring a city or traveling between places. The backpack has the latest anti-theft technology including hidden eXomesh splashguard stainless steel wire embedded into the fabric, a security clip, a smart zipper, RFIDsafe blocking material, and a clip chain to attach the bag to a chair or table leg. 

5. TravelPro Unisex Essential Foldable Backpack 

The TravelPro foldable backpack is perfect for traveling as it can be used as a backpack or it can be folded and packed into a suitcase or carry-on to travel. The bag is made from high-density polyester, is fashionable, and has a back strap that can be attached to a rollable suitcase. 

The front pocket of the backpack has a magnetic closure, for storing personal items, and has front zip pockets. The backpack has an adjustable shoulder strap and a top carry strap. 

6. Tom Toc Travel Backpack

The TomToc travel backpack is a 22L backpack which is available in black and grey and fits a 15.6” laptop. The backpack has two compartments a main zippered compartment and a front pocket compartment, along with a side laptop pocket.

The bag also features a USB charging port, with pockets inside and outside, with a zippered pocket for valuables. 

The TomToc backpack is made from water repellent fabric ensuring the water doesn’t get into the contents of the bag. 

Minimalist Travel Backpack

7.  Himawari Travel Backpack

The Himawari backpack is a top opening zippered backpack that can be opened wide to see the contents of the bag. The backpack has double zips, a pendant zip, a zipper on the back, and snaps to keep the zipper down.

The inside of the bag has a padded laptop sleeve, small pockets for phones, and cards. The Himawari backpack is great for traveling with a back laptop pocket and is lightweight and sturdy. There are also two pockets on the outside to hold a water bottle or umbrella. 

8. Kroser Laptop Backpack 

The Kroser backpack is an open top backpack which can be packed from the top and has a wide framed opening mouth. The backpack has a large compartment that is made from water-resistant fabric and has small inside pockets. The bag also features a USB port, a mesh pocket, and zippered compartments. 

The bag is lightweight and easy to carry with a top handle strap, in addition to traditional backpack straps. Kroser has made its backpack out of durable fabric with reinforced edges and a steel frame to help keep its shape. 

9. Herschel Travel Daypack 

The Herschel travel daypack is a good travel backpack with a fleeced lined laptop compartment, a luggage sleeve to attach to a suitcase, and two water bottle holders. The backpack has zippered pockets in two compartments, with the front pocket containing organizational pockets for a wallet, pens, and cards. 

This backpack is great for traveling as it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Best Minimalist Backpacks for men

1.    A-LAB Model A backpack 

The A-Lab Model A men’s minimalist backpack is a great travel backpack, which can hold up to 26L, in two compartments. The backpack has a main compartment with a rollable top and poppers.

The A-LAB backpack has a removable laptop sleeve. It is made from waterproof fabric with high-frequency welding on seems and is made from 500D tarpaulin. The bag features padded shoulder straps, with a back panel, and a vertical front zippered pocket.

2.  Backpack Women & Men Black – Johnny Urban

The backpack is ideal for traveling with a simple and minimal design, but while still being modern looking, and is available in four colors including black, navy, white, and pink.

The backpack is made from sustainable material inside and out, with all fabric being made from 100% recycled PET bottles. 

This minimalist laptop backpack features anti-theft zippers, with a rain guard, a padded laptop compartment, and a luggage strap to attach to a suitcase for ease when traveling. 

3.  Peak Design Travel Line Backpack 40L

The Peak Design travel backpack has redefined organization with full-back panel sidewalls, and zippered dividers to separate items into compartments.

The backpack has a unique feature of being able to be adjusted for less or more capacity. The standard bag is 30L but can be adjusted to 35L and a pocket can be opened to make it 45L. 

This bag also has a laptop carry pocket in the main compartment and can be synced with an accessory such as camera cubes, to store camera equipment and packing cubes for clothing items. 

Minimalist day packs & carry on backpacks for men

4.  Herschel Supply Company Casual Daypack 13L

The Herschel daypack has a capacity of 13L and is great for hiking, traveling, exploring, and everyday activities. The backpack features a laptop sleeve pocket for a laptop up to 13”, and is available in black and grey.  It is a great minimalist travel backpack.

5. Briggs & Riley Kinziestreet

The Briggs & Riley wide mouth backpack is available in two colors, navy and grey. The backpack is fashionable and has a wide opening top with a zipper.

There are adjustable shoulder straps and a top carry pocket. This backpack is ideal for traveling with a secret side pocket which is perfect for holding a passport or other valuable items when traveling through an airport. 

The Briggs & Riley Kinziestreet backpack is large enough for everyday items and small enough not to be too big. In addition to all the other features, this backpack has a pocket that is the perfect size for a tablet, as well as other valuable items such as a passport, headphones, and a front pocket with a zip. 

6.  Fjällräven Raven Unisex Adult’s Outdoor Hiking Backpack

The Fjällräven Raven backpack is perfect for traveling with a large capacity and is available in black, dark olive, and navy. This backpack is made from G-1000 heavy-duty eco fabric, which makes the bag long-lasting and durable. There is a 15” laptop pocket, which is padded and easy to access. 

The backpack has shoulder straps which are padded for extra comfort and support, along with two open pockets on the side and a front zippered pocket. 

Minimalist backpacks for hiking & outdoors

7. Hiking Daypacks Large Classic Men’s Travel Bag

This hiking bag is wear-resistant, anti-tearing, and durable, ideal for hiking and taking on the outdoors. It is lightweight which makes it ideal for carrying for long periods of time, with large storage.

The storage is big enough to hold daily essentials, such as a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, personal items, and electronic items. The backpack is designed to be comfortable and safe, with padded shoulder straps that evenly distribute the pressure on the shoulders which makes it more comfortable for long trips. 

This hiking backpack not only provides comfort but also helps keep personal items safe with lockable zips, double zips, a front pocket, and side tightening straps.

8. Household Hydration Waterproof Backpack 

The Household Hydration waterproof backpack is ideal for trail running, hiking, cycling, traveling, camping, and as carry-on luggage.

The backpack has a large capacity with a large top opening and foldable lid with adjustable clips. This bag is made from a waterproof material on the outside which ensures everything is dry and the shoulders provide support when carrying it.

The backpack has a multi-layer breathable lining and high-quality zippers. 

9. Gonex Hiking Backpack 40L

The Gonex hiking backpack is a state of the art hiking backpack which can hold up to 40L. This backpack is made from high-quality nylon making it water-resistant and has a PU coating protection inside which is tear-resistant.

The backpack is lightweight and ideal for hiking long distances, traveling, and weekend trips. 

This backpack features a compartment for a rain cover, a chest strap with detachable buckles, a water pipe access, a surgical whistle, a side pocket for personal items, a YKK zipper, an elastic side pocket for a water bottle, and many more safety features. 

Minimalist backpacks for photographers

10.  Case Logic CPL 108K Backpack for DSLR Camera

The Case Logic CPL108K is made to carry a DSLR camera with a customizable space for a camera, with adjustable padded dividers and straps to secure the camera and lens in place.

These dividers can be stored in the back panel when not in use within the backpack, making it a multi-use backpack with ample room. There is a tablet compartment, in the back panel for quick access, and a weather hood to protect the bag from the elements. 

This camera backpack also features zippered pockets and a top compartment for camera and non-camera accessories. The bag also has adjustable side straps to secure a tripod and have everything in one bag. This backpack is perfect for traveling with a camera or for use as a day pack when exploring. 

11.  Camera Backpack K& F Concept 

This camera backpack is the perfect travel bag for Canon, Sony, and Nikon DSLR cameras due to its lightweight feel and fashionable style.

This bag has the capacity to hold one DSLR camera, multiple lenses, and other accessories, with the ability to hold a tripod on the side straps of the bag. One great feature of this backpack is its removable dividers, the dividers can be used to separate a camera from clothing items, or to separate camera accessorize. 

There is a top pocket, side and back zipper to reach the bottom of the bag without taking everything out. This camera bag is made from a waterproof material protecting the camera equipment from the rain and is also scratch-resistant, tear-resistant, and there is even an extra rain cover for additional protection. 

12.  Lowepro LP36892 – PWW Tahoe 150 Backpack

The final camera backpack on our list is the Lowepro LP36892 – PWW Tahoe 150 backpack which features a spacious and adjustable main compartment with padded divers to place your camera however you want to in the bag.

The bag has both an adjustable shoulder strap, and a top carry handle. The camera bag is made from water-resistant material to keep your camera equipment safe from the rain. There is also a front pocket that offers space for an additional day to day items or extra camera equipment. 

No matter what your requirements we have the perfect minimal backpack for your trip in this list. 

Conclusion: Best Minimalist Backpacks

Finding a minimalist travel backpacks that’s just right for you doesn’t need to be hard. This list of minimalist backpacks gives a range of options for everyone from the best minimalist backpack to best minimalist bag you’ll find the perfect one for you!

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