21 Best Antitheft Backpacks for Travel in 2023

21 Best Anti Theft Backpacks – Which one is the best theft proof backpack?

Need a good anti-theft backpack?  Anti theft backpacks have been around for a while and for good reason!  It is a great deterrent against a thief if you have a theft proof back pack that they cannot get into.

best antitheft backpack

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Why do I need an Anti-theft backpack?

True story – I was in Naples with some friends and we were at the train station figuring out where to go next.  A cute little girl who was probably about 10 years old came up to my friend said hi and was talking and then she kept hanging around us.

theft proof backpack

Next thing you know she is resting her arm on my friend’s shoulder and trying to open her backpack.  I yelled at her and she started to run away.

She wasn’t able to take anything but it was a real wake up call for us.  It was so blatant and brazen to be standing next to us in the open and try that.

That’s why there are always two things you should remember.  One to be aware of your surroundings and two to carry an antitheft backpack.

If a thief cannot open your bag they cannot steal anything from you.  That’s why I have put together this list of the best antitheft travel backpacks.

Which one is the best anti theft travel backpack?  Travelon vs Pacsafe

If you’re looking for the best anti theft travel backpack I would look at either a travelon or pacsafe backpack.  Alot of backpcks are antitheft because they have hidden zippers.

The travelon or pacsafe backpacks are actually slashproof and lined so that someone cannot slash and run with your bag.  Slashproof means they cannot take a knife and cut the strap, grab the bag and run away.  This is the most common method that thieves use to take your bag.

The other method is that they slash the bottom or side of the bag with a knife, let your belongings fall to the ground and then grab your wallet.  This takes a bit more time but you are quite stunned that this is happening and your bag is on your back so you do not know it is happening and do not have as quick of reflexes.

That is why I recommend this slash proof bag as it is one of the best theft proof backpacks.  I use this one.

How are anti-theft backpacks different from a normal backpack?

Anti-theft backpacks differ from regular backpacks in their features, many regular or smart backpacks feature USB charging ports and lockable zips but few feature all these or multiples of these anti-theft features.

Secure travel backpacks have features that help prevent thieves from stealing the contents of them using features and protective materials. Anti-theft backpacks are a must for traveling to cities when walking around areas or using public transport. In crowded places and some cities, pickpocketers can be present, and theft proof travel backpack will protect the contents of your backpack.

What security features to look for in a theft proof backpack and how to choose a  secure antitheft backpack

When looking for an anti-theft backpack there are many security and safety features anti-theft backpacks can have. While you may require all of them or just several of them you can pick and choose which features are relevant to your needs and requirements.


When looking for a travel backpack, anti theft is the way to go and you should look for the following features to keep your possessions in the safest backpack possible, safe from pickpockets and other undesirables, whether you are traveling or exploring a city, thieves can be anywhere.  


When searching for an anti-theft backpack you should consider the following features:

1. Slash proof material

Many anti-theft backpacks feature slash-proof material in many places either front pockets, panels, or shoulder straps on the backpack. This material can prevent backpacks from being cut or ‘slash’ in order for the thief to reach in a grab your possessions or slash the straps and run off with the bag. Many backpacks feature this material in their backpacks, which is cut proof.


2. Lockable zippers

An important factor to consider when looking for an anti-theft backpack is lockable zips. When traveling zipped compartments are a must, to keep your belongings safe these zips can be lockable. Lockable zips come in a variety of formats from combination locks on zippers to double-locked zips and other lovable features. These locks are important as they will prevent thieves from opening your backpack without you realizing when you are in a crowded place or in a line.


3. Hidden pockets

Hidden pockets are an important feature for anti-theft backpacks as they can hide their contents and make it unattainable for thieves. Hidden pockets can be found in a variety of locations depending on the backpack, for example in the shoulder strap, in the back of the backpack, inside the back of the backpack, or in the center of a backpack. These hidden pockets can be used to store important and valuable items such as your wallet, passport, or other valuable items.


4. RFID blocking card

An RFID blocking compartment is a pocket or area of the backpack which is used to stop identity thieves from stealing the numbers of credit or debit cards. RFID blocks the signals thieves look for when attempting to get the number off cards. These pockets can have credit card slots and keep the contents of the pockets safe.


5. Stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is used in the same way slash-proof material is, to protect the outside of the backpack from being cut open and the contents being removed. Many backpacks feature this material in panels on their backpacks, or over pockets.


6. USB Charging port

A great feature of anti-theft backpacks and backpacks, in general, is a USB charging point. Have you ever found yourself running out of phone battery at a critical moment? With backpacks that have USB charging points, this is no longer a problem. Never worry about running out of battery again as you can charge your phone or headphones on the go. Some backpacks have built in power packs which are removable and others require power packs to be added to them.


7. Padded shoulder straps

When traveling or for everyday use backpacks can become heavy if filled with a large amount of contents. When this happens padded shoulder pads are necessary, to prevent your shoulders from becoming sore. Some backpacks are also made from breathable honey-comb material which makes them more comfortable to wear.


8. Reflective Stripes

A great safety or anti-theft feature of a backpack is a reflective strap so the backpack can be seen in the dark or help personal safety when walking or cycling in the dark. This can also be useful in cloudy or foggy environments and when visibility is poor.


9. Water resistant materials

A great feature of an anti-theft backpack is it being made from water resistant material. Whether it is raining or something get spilled in the bag water resistant material ensures nothing in the bag gets damaged by water. Many bags feature water resistant material in their side bottle pockets to ensure that if water accidentally spills from the water bottle it doesn’t make the contents of the bag wet.


10. Lock to pole strap

A great feature of an anti-theft backpack is a lock to pole strap which is a strap that is attached to the secure travel backpack and can be used to strap the backpack to the leg of a table, chair, or other poles. This ensures no one steals the backpack when the user is eating lunch or sitting at a table. This prevents the bag from being grabbed and the thief running off with the contents. These straps often have a clip which detaches and then reattaches around the object.


The Best Anti Theft Travel Backpack and Locking Travel Backpack  – anti theft backpack reviews


Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

anti theft backpacks

This anti theft daypack is the perfect backpack for traveling. All of the zippers are fully hidden so it is difficult for a thief to open the bag.

• SB Charging port on the outside of the bag for easy charging
• Adjustable compartments and areas to keep your phone, laptop, wallet and other stuff
• There is a reflective strip on the front of the bag so you can be seen at night
• Fully adjustable straps that are reinforced
• Hidden back safe pocket

• This antitheft backpack is not waterproof
• Some reviews complain about how cheaply the backpack was made.

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

PINCNEL Women’s backpack purse

anti theft backpacks anti theft backpack

This waterproof backpack is waterproof, lightweight and an anti-theft rucksack. Although not suitable for a laptop it is roomy enough for a large notebook and wallet, cell phone, umbrella and all the essentials for a day out.

• The backpack is made from nylon and is lightweight
• Back zipper design has an anti-theft function that protects your belongings safely.
• Can fit an iPad or tablet
• Several different pockets or compartments inside the backpack
• Adjustable shoulder straps and detachable so it can be used a single strap bag

• Does not fit a laptop only an iPad
• This backpack is not slasher proof – the only anti theft feature is that it unzips against your back so a thief cannot access the inside.

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Kopack Waterproof Anti theft Laptop bag

best anti theft travel backpacks

The Kopack Backpack is quite popular because the zipper is fully hidden – there are no zippers or pockets at the front of the bag. The material is water resistant and has a built in rain cover to make the backpack water proof. I like the style of this backpack as it is modern and sleek.

• Durable fabric that is water resistant and anti scratch
• Comes with a built in rain cover
• Built in USB Port for charging your smartphone
• TSA Friendly – flat open
• Shock proof inner compartment which prevent damage from impact
• Reflective Stripe so you are noticeable at night

• The USB cable is not exchangeable
• It does not come with a battery pack for charging

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

XD Bobby Anti theft backpack

best anti-theft backpack

XD Design is a Dutch design and producer of the awarded and worldwide popular original Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack that is often copied. This is the original backpack.

• Integrated USB Charging Port
• Hidden Zippers & Hidden Pockets
• Protective layers and a Cut-Proof Protection board
• Includes compartments which hold a laptop up to 17″ and a tablet up to 12.9″ with a total content of 15L
• Water Repellent Fabric

• This backpack gets so many rave reviews that the only thing that people seem to say against is that it is not large enough!

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack – Travel Backpack with locks

secure backpack
Travelon is one of the premier anti-theft bag companies. They have several anti theft features to protect your valuables and your identity.  This is the best anti theft backpack 2019 and best anti theft backpack for travel.


• This bag comes with locking straps that allow you to lock your bag to a stationary object so thieves cannot grab your bag and go.
• You can lock compartments of the bag so people cannot get into your bag
• The bag is slash resistant and has a stainless steel mesh under the outer fabric
• The straps are slash resistant as well.
• RFID blocking so that your identity cannot be stolen; the perfect RFID backpack


• Straps are not adjustable
• This is a small backpack

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Laptop Backpack – Business Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Business Anti Theft Travel Backpack
This is the best anti theft laptop backpack and it comes with a USB charging port and headphone interface. It holds laptops up to 17 inches wide. The anti theft design includes a theft proof combination lock and durable metal zippers so that a theft cannot open your backpack easily. The backpack is light weight and comfy with an ergonomic design.


• Made fro High Density Water resister cloth
• Comes with a high quality combination lock
• USB charger and headphone compartment
• Heavy duty zips
• Ergonomic backpack that is functional and stylish


• Does not include a power pack
• No padding to protect your laptop

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Hanke Travel Backpack, Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack

theft resistant backpack
The Hanke Travel Backpack has an anti-theft design where all of the zippers are hidden. It is also made from superior material that is water-resistant and easy to clean. The shoulder straps are padded for added comfort and the bag includes a USB charging port with a built in cable and is a great backpack with zipper on inside.


• USB Charging port along with the cable
• Hidden pockets
• Two inside slots for a laptop and a tablet
• Great price!


• Does not include a power bank for charging
• You can only fit a 15.6 inch laptop in the bag

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Outjoy Anti Theft Laptop Backpack – slash proof backpack

anti theft backpacks
This anti theft daypack is water resistant, shock proof and can hold a 15 inch laptop and a iPad tablet. There is an External USB socket on the outside of the backpack connected by a cable to the Power Bank Pocket where you can place your power bank.

This backpack’s excellent anti-theft feature design can secure your stuffs ideally. The openness zippers are hidden and secret that it well secures the objects inside the backpack. There is a zipped anti-theft pockets at the rear bottom to protect your valuables well or make your passport/Id card handy.


• Fits both a laptop and ipad at the same time
• Double layers of padding to protect your electronics
• Straps are foam and padded which makes it comfortable to carry around
• Special material makes it water repellent if you are caught out in the rain


• It is not slash proof only abrasion and scratch proof on the outer shell
• Does not have chest straps only shoulder straps

Seriously, read the over 96% 5 star reviews on Amazon. This backpack is a real winner.

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Pacsafe Metrosafe 25 liter Backpack – best anti-theft backpackanti theft travel backpack

Pacsafe makes the best anti theft travel backpacks and is the number one brand leading the way in anti theft backpacks in my opinion. They are quality backpacks that last and have the best features.

The backpack comes with lockable zippers and cut proof materials (lightweight steel mesh) to prevent theft/ pickpocketing, plus an RFID blocking pocket to keep your credit cards/ IDs safe.

It’s a comfortable bag with padded shoulder straps that are adjustable. Ideal for traveling, day trips, adventures abroad, office and college commuters, or as a carry-on for women & men.

It is large capacity at 25 litres and roomy enough to hold your note books, 15″ Macbook, iPad, iPhone, ebook, smartphone, purse, camera, accessories, travel souvenirs, extra sweater and more.

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about the product:

The Pacsafe™ Metrosafe LS450 25L is the best security backpack that will get you and your belongings from point A to point B, and everywhere in between safely! Made of durable 210D nylon FD hitra. Adjustable padded shoulder straps with padded carry handle. Zippered main and front compartments with organization for cards, phone and passport. Quilted back panel. Two zippered front pockets. Padded 15in MacBook® compatible sleeve. Two side stretch pockets. YKK zippers with zipper pullers that can be attached to discreet security hooks or placed under & through a secure tab to prevent pickpockets reaching into your bag. Bottom front zippered compartment with slip and organization pockets. Flexible, lightweight, stainless steel wire is integrated into the adjustable Carrysafe® straps making it invisible to the eye, yet very effective at preventing bag slashers from slicing through and running off with your gear. Easy and intuitive to use, the Lockabout™ security clip offers 3 levels of security to prevent pickpockets from sneaking their way into your bag and running off with your valuables. Zip pullers clip & slip easily onto the secure hook, while the barrel slides and locks everything into place.


  • The premiere backpack for anti-theft backpacks for travel
  • Fits under an airline seat and can be used as a carry on bag
  • Slashproof strap materials making it robust
  • pickpocket proof backpack


  • Quite a large backpack
  • One of the more expensive backpacks.

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Kopack Computer Backpack – safe backpack

backpack with lock

This Slim Design Anti theft backpack offer you 17 slots and compartments in the bag. Say goodbye to digging around in bag, every gadget has its own place in this backpack. The laptop compartment holds most 17″ laptops.

Anti-theft Hidden Laptop Zone – Separate laptop compartment design hidden in the back of the backpack provides easy access to the laptop directly without showing your personal items in public; Zipper can be locked your lock to keep laptop secured.


• Designed for those people want a lightweight but durable backpack for everyday usage.
• Creative anti-theft design laptop compartment enables you to pick laptop very easily;
• An external USB port with detachable cable inside
• Anti Scratch & Water Resistant


• Some reviews have said that it is not water resistant
• The bag is not slashproof

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Pacsafe Anti Theft Travel Backpack – secure backpack

best anti theft travel backpack
Travelon is another premium anti theft backpack brand and they make secure backpacks for travel. The slim backpack has a Double locking zippered main compartment has 5 RFID blocking card slots, a passport slot, 2 zippered wall pockets and a drop pocket for glasses or other quick grab items. It has Adjustable, slash and cut-resistant shoulder straps can be attached to a stationary object to prevent a grab-n-go.


  • Slash resistant should straps
  • Lots of compartments
  • RFID card blocking
  • Can carry an ipad


  • Cannot carry a laptop
  • The backpack itself is heavy

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Antitheft Backpack by all4way – anti theft backpacks for women

locking backpack
This quality backpack that is large enough for a 15 inch laptop. Antitheft backpack with 2 way dual zippers and RFID blocking pockets for protection for your credit cards and IDs. It’s a durable waterproof backpack with anti-scratch nylon. It also includes an external usb charging port.


  • Fits a 15 inch laptop
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Dual 2 way zipper
  • Belt for trolley and reflective zipper


  • Only fits a small laptop
  • The bag itself is heavy

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Travelon Anti theft large backpack 

anti pickpocket backpack
Full Anti-Theft features including locking compartments, slash-resistant construction, slash-resistant, and adjustable straps. The front compartment has an organizer with RFID blocking card and passport slots, an open and a zip top pocket, 2 pen loops and a tethered key clip with LED light. Air mesh back panel and backpack straps for comfort, mesh expansion pocket holds a water bottle, top grab handle, and add-a-bag strap.


  • Slash resistant should straps
  • Lots of compartments
  • RFID card blocking
  • Can carry a 15 inch laptop


  • Zippers are not heavy duty
  • The bag itself is bulky and heavy

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

PacSafe Intasafe Antitheft 15inch Laptop Backpack – anti theft travel backpack
anti theft backpack for travel


PacSafe is the number one brand in leading the way in anti-theft backpacks in my option so I have added another of their backpacks to my list. The PacSafe Intasafe Anti-theft 15 inch laptop backpack features all the standard PacSafe features including turn and lock security hooks, RFIDsafe blocking pocket and material to keep your credit cards safe, and has cut profit materials which is a lightweight steel mesh to prevent slash and cutting of the backpack. 

The Intasafe backpack has comfortable straps, is made of canvas so it is lightweight and ideal to be used as a day pack or hand luggage when traveling. The backpack has room for a laptop with a padded compartment to keep it safe, organizational pockets, and space for other items.  


  • Two water bottle holders
  • Slash proof materials 
  • 15inch padded laptop compartment 
  • Turn and lock security features
  • Robar locking system 
  • RFID safe


  • One of the more expensive backpacks

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

MarsBro Laptop Backpack

anti theft travel backpack

Ideal to be used as an everyday backpack when traveling, a professional office backpack, or as carry on luggage this 30L MarsBro laptop backpack is great for everyone. The MarsBro laptop backpack is available in seven colors including purple, grey, black, blue, red, and green. 

The MarsBro laptop backpack has leading safety features including hidden pockets in the strap and back panel to keep valuables safe, and an anti-theft hidden zipper. The backpack also features a strap to attach the backpack to your rollable suitcase when traveling, a washable USB charging port, and has an anti-splashing function that prevents your valuables from getting wet thanks to the water-resistant polyester material. The backpack also features a laptop pocket, three main compartments, and 12 pockets. 


  • 12 pockets
  • Hidden pockets
  • Anti-theft zipper
  • USB charging point
  • Water-resistant
  • Laptop compartment


  • Not slasher proof
  • Not RFD safe
  • Some reviews say the quality isn’t durable

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Inateck 40L Locking Travel Backpack- backpack with lock
locking travel backpack


The Inateck 40L travel backpack with lock is perfect for traveling as it is an approved carry-on hand luggage size, in a rectangle shape with a strap to attach it to a suitcase. This backpack has a large capacity with 5 compartments – a back main pocket, a coin pocket, a hidden back pocket, a first front pocket, and a second front packet.

One of the compartments is a 17” laptop pocket, a change pocket, a toiletry bag, and other use pockets. The lockable backpack is made of lightweight material and has two sets of handles on the top and the side. The backpack features an anti-theft design with dual zippers, two lock heads, and a secure hidden pocket in the middle. 


  • 5 compartments
  • Large capacity 
  • Dual zipper design
  • Hidden pockets
  • Flight carry-on approved
  • 17” laptop compartment
  • Made from a lightweight material


  • No USB charging port
  • Not slash-proof
  • Not water resistant 

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Business Laptop Backpack – theft proof backpack
theft proof backpack


The business laptop backpack is great for traveling, with multiple safety features which include a dual USB charging port, a laptop compartment, a theft-proof combination lock, lockable and durable zippers, adjustable straps, and hidden pockets. This backpack is available in three colors, grey, blue, and purple, made from durable eco-friendly nylon with padded shoulder straps, made from a breathable material that comes with a 12-month warranty. 


  • Lightweight design
  • USB charging port 
  • Theft proof combination lock 
  • Headphone jack
  • Lockable and durable zippers
  • Waterproof 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Made from Eco-friendly durable nylon 
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty


  • Not slash-roof 
  • Not RFID proof

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

PacSafe Metrosafe LS150 Anti-theft Sling Backpack 


The PacSafe Metrosafe backpack is compact but great for use as a daypack, holding up to 7L, with multiple compartments including space for a tablet. This backpack has the standard anti-safe features of a PacSafe backpack with eXomesh splashguard stainless steel wire mesh, a lockable security feature, a smart zipper, a multiple layers and lockdown points for zippers, and an RFID safe blocking material to prevent ID fraud. 


  • Lightweight and roomy
  • Hidden eXomesh slash guard steel wire mesh
  • Lockable security clip
  • Smart zipper
  • RFID safe blocking material to prevent ID fraud through cards


  • More expensive than others on this list
  • 7L capacity 
  • Doesn’t have a laptop sleeve
  • Not water-proof 

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Mancro 15” Laptop Backpack 24L Capacity – waterproof anti-theft backpack


The Mancro waterproof theft proof backpack is ideal for traveling and everyday use with enough room for a 15” laptop in addition to room for other items. The backpack is also a great anti-theft backpack with numerous features including RFID blocking, night reflectors, durable metal locks, hidden net pockets, elastic rope and secure zippers. 


In addition to the anti-theft features the backpack is made from a lightweight durable material with a professional design and made from water resistant eco-friendly polyester fabric. The backpack also features an external USB charging port which can be connected to an additional outside power pack for charging.



  • USB charging port
  • RFID blocking
  • Waterproof anti-theft backpack
  • Durable locks
  • Hidden pockets
  • 15” laptop compartments



  • USB charging port requires an outside charging power pack

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Travelon Anti-theft Signature Slim Backpack Pewter – small anti theft backpack


Travelon is the best anti theft backpack and is great for everyday use as you would use a handbag and can be used when traveling, and exploring a new city without worrying about pick picketers thanks to its anti-theft features. The bag has multiple lockable compartments, a slash-resistant shoulder strap and slash-resistant body panels, RFID blocking compartments, zippered pockets, and an LED key clip. 

The backpack may not be the biggest on the list but it is roomy, with multiple compartments to hold the necessities for daily life and traveling. 



  • Locking compartments
  • Slash-resistant adjustable straps
  • RFID card blocking compartment
  • LED light key clip
  • Zippered pockets


  • Reviews state that the magnet flap to close the bag is a little flimsy 
  • Thin and short straps
  • Small design 
  • Not big enough to hold a laptop 

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

PacSafe Vibe 20L Anti-Theft Travel Daypack – theft resistant backpack


The PacSafe Vibe 20L features all the standard anti-theft features of a PacSafe which includes having eXomesh slash guard material with a flexible stainless steel wire mesh, popNlock security clip with padlock, hidden pockets, RFID safe blocking pockets, and lockable features.

This backpack is lightweight and features multiple compartments for a laptop (up to 13”), tablet, cards, coins, and portable electronics. This backpack is great for traveling and fits under the seat on an airplane, it also has two side pockets for water bottles, an adjustable shoulder strap, with honeycomb fabric for support. The backpack is made from a soft, durable easy to clean fabric, which ensures the backpack is long-lasting and water-resistant. 


  • Lockable zippers 
  • Cut resistant fabric and slash-roof
  • Lightweight
  • Padded lightweight laptop compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lock to pole strap
  • Hidden compartments
  • RFID blocking pockets


  • Only fits a laptop up to 13”
  • Doesn’t have a USB charging port 

Check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Conclusion antitheft backpack – Travelon or Pacsafe are the best anti theft back packs

antitheft backpack

As I mentioned before if your budget allows you should choose either a Travelon or Pacsafe theft proof backpack but I have included others because they cover a range of budgets and styles and needs for a backpack.  They are the best brands for anti theft backpacks.

This is the theft proof backpack that I use when I travel.  I like the size of it and all of the compartments in it as well.

I would also recommend buying a combination lock for your backpack so you can lock the zippers together. 

Whenever you are out, do not leave your backpack unattended.  When I am at dinner I like to put my leg through one of the straps of the backpack and ensure someone cannot grab it and run.

I hope this has been a helpful guide to the best anti theft back packs.  I don’t want to scare you about theft on your travels rather prepare for it and not have to use it!

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