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Best Tumi Backpack for Travel

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Want to step up your backpack game with a bit of luxury?  Look no further than a Tumi Backpack.  Quality made, durable, and stylish these backpacks are made to be comfortable.  They also have an amazing customer service team to back this all up.

Are you looking for the best Tumi Backpack for travel?  I have traveled around the world and always use the best Tumi bag.  That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best Tumi Backpack, best tumi laptop backpack and best tumi laptop bag.  There is an option for everyone! 

I first started using Tumi in 2009 when I went to Singapore and I saw the suitcases everywhere.  Over the years they have branched out and now make bags such as the tumi backpack laptop bag, Tumi women’s business tote, tumi backpack computer bag, tumi computer bag leather, tumi slim laptop bag, and so much more.  Check out the list below for the Best Tumi Backpacks and Tumi Travel Backpack.

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TLDR: Here are the 3 top rated Tumi Bags to choose from 

Best Style: Tumi Voyageur Carson Backpack 

Best Overall Tumi Backpack:  Tumi Alpha Bravo Kings Backpack Tote


Best Travel Backpack –  Tumi Harrison Bates Backpack

About the brand Tumi

Tumi was founded in 1975 and is a New Jersey-based manufacturer which was created after the founder Charlie Clifford returned from the Peace Corps in Peru. The company is named after a Peruvian Tumi ceremonial knife, which has been used in the country throughout history in sacrifices. The company is known for producing backpack and luggage with a black-on-black nylon style. Tumi in addition to backpacks and luggage produces belts, pens, and other accessories. 

Every backpack or piece of luggage features the unique TUMI tracer which is a 20-digit unique number to every bag. The owner of every bag can register their bag with this number which can trace the location of the bag if it is ever lost or misplaced. 

Each bag comes with a 5-year warranty, lifetime service, and repair warranty. 

Why Tumi Backpacks are the best

TUMI is considered one of the best backpack and luggage manufacturers in the world with detail and pride in every backpack and design. The company believes that their company and brand is a symbol of creativity, innovation, and integrity. 

TUMI goes over and above with various initiatives and social responsibilities one of which is an initiative created in 2011 called TUMI Takes You Home, in which they donate unique and specifically designed items to St Jude. This helps its patients travel to and from the hospital and they are also in the process of creating a new range inspired by the artwork of St Jude patients. 

The brand understands that damages can occur with their products and they offer repair solutions or replacement products if they are unable to repair the problem. 

Each bag is created and designed using a process of testing, attention to detail, exclusive innovations such as TSA approved pockets and sizes. Each bag is put through 30 tests to ensure the customers receive the best products possible. 

Best Tumi Backpacks for Travel

I have chosen my top 10 favorite TUMI travel backpacks and all the information and specifications can be found below.  If you are looking for a laptop backpack, Tumi makes some good ones along with the Tumi luggage backpack

Tumi Briefcase Backpack Tumi Voyageur Carson Backpack 

The Voyageur Carson Backpack is considered a casual day backpack with a laptop compartment fitting a laptop up to 15in, two open pockets on the side of the bag with zips to keep them closed, a zip pocket complete with a TUMI tracer, a card pocket, and pen pocket, in addition to its larger compartment.

Each compartment has double-zip entry, with the front pocket having a locking zipper. One of the side pockets is a water bottle pocket which is also water-resistant, the bag also features a phone pocket with a magnetic spat.

The Tumi Voyageur Backpack is ideal for traveling with an additional add-a-bag sleeve to be used to attach it to a wheeled carry-on suitcase or a larger suitcase, making travel easy.  A great backpack, Tumi really delivers.  A Tumi computer bag is always a good choice.  

Key Features 

  • Laptop Compartment
  • Double-zip entry to compartments
  • Phone pocket with a magnetic strap
  • Add-a-bag feature
  • Water bottle pocket lined with water-resistant material 


12” wide, 17” high, 5.5” deep, 2” handle drop, 31” shoulder straps, 15” laptop sleeve. 

Best Tumi ladies laptop bag Tumi Voyageur Ursula T-Pass Backpack 

laptop backpack tumi

The Voyageur Ursula T-Pass backpack is a great compact daypack, perfect for traveling, working, and everyday activities.

The backpack features a tablet compartment, three media pockets, a zip pocket fit with the standard TUMI tracer, a card pocket, a pen pocket, and a key leash. The Voyageur Ursula T-Pass backpack has a 15” laptop compartment which meets TSA checkpoint requirements meaning users can leave their laptop in their bag when they go through security.

The bag has several pockets with double-zips, in the main compartment and a front pocket which is ideal for smaller items. There is also a side zipped pocket which is water-resistant perfect for holding a water bottle or umbrella.

The backpack is made from nylon which is lightweight and durable, with a leather top hand and padded adjustable straps.  A great Tumi waterproof backpack.

Key Features 

  • TSA approves 15” laptop compartment 
  • Add-a-bag sleeve
  • Double-zipped pockets
  • Waterproof side pocket 
  • Made from lightweight and durable nylon


18” bottom width, 13” depth, 7 1/2” height, 17” strap, 33” strap drop, 14 1/2” handle length.

Tumi Women’s Laptop Backpack- Tumi Harrison Bates Backpack

The Harrison Bates backpack is a small daypack with a 14inch laptop compartment fitted with quilted detail, the bag also has two open pockets, one zip front pocket, and a large compartment.  This is a great Tumi bookbag as well.

The bag is a square design and is available in black. The main compartment has a double-zip entry, two front zip pockets, a detachable and retractable leather top handle for an alternative way to carry the bag.

The bag is leather-wrapped, with an adjustable strap and a luggage tag. This bag is ideal for exploring a city or traveling to use as a daypack.  The perfect Tumi travel backpack.

Key Features

  • 14” padded and quilted laptop compartment
  • Double-zip entry to compartments 
  • A leather top handle which is retractable 
  • Adjustable straps
  • Hanging luggage tag


42cm high. 29cm in width, and 7.5cm deep

  1. Tumi Travel Backpack Tumi Men’s Alpha Bravo Davis Backpack 

The Alpha Bravo Davis backpack is a great casual daypack with a stylish and fashionable design available in three colors including black.

The bag has two compartments a main compartment with a double-zip entry and a front zip compartment. The daypack also features a vertical zipped compartment and a front small compartment with a protective lining.

The Alpha Bravo Davis backpack is fitted with the standard TUMI tracer and a 15” laptop sleeve with compartments for cards and small ideas to avoid them getting lost in the bag. 

Key Features 

  • 15” laptop sleeve
  • TUMI tracer
  • Double-zip entry compartments 
  • Three colors
  • Protective lined front straight zip compartment 


11.5” wide, 16.5” high, 4.25” deep, 0.5” handle drop, 35” shoulder strap, and a 15” laptop sleeve. 

  1. Tumi Slim Backpack Tumi Alpha 3 T-Pass Medium Screen Laptop Slim Brief 

The Alpha 2 T-Pass Laptop Brief is the perfect bag for traveling with a laptop and digital items, complete with compartments for everything essential for a business trip or workday.

The front of the bag features two U zip pockets for one of which is waterproof ideal for storing an umbrella or water bottle. The bag also features back zip pockets, a back open pocket, and an inside padded laptop compartment with removable foam blocks for protection.

The Alpha 2 T-Pass laptop bag has embossed leather carry handles and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. The pockets and compartments feature ID locks, elastic pockets, card pockets, and pen pockets to keep everything organized within the bag.

Ideal for traveling the bag also features the TUMI add-a-bag which means the laptop bag can be added to a suitcase or carry-on suitcase for ease when traveling. 

Key Features 

  • Waterproof pocket for umbrella or water bottle
  • Embossed leather carry handles
  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Foam blocks in the laptop compartment 
  • TUMI lock zip pockets 


16.3cm in height, 45.5cm in length, and 40.9cm in width.

  1.  Largest Tumi Backpack Tumi Alpha Bravo Kings Backpack Tote – Tumi nylon backpack

The Alpha Bravo Kings tote is a multi-use daypack with both padded shoulder straps and easy carry handles on top, the shoulder straps can be hidden away in the back of the bag when being used as a carry bag.

The bag features a padded tablet pocket, two cardholders, a pen loop, and the standard TUMI tracer. The bag has a large main compartment with a double-zip entry, a 15” laptop compartment, a vertical front zip, and straight front pocket, and two side pockets complete with nylon loops one of which has a water-resistant lining.

The bag also features the standard add-a-bag sleeve to attach to carry-on suitcases for ease when traveling and working. 

Key Features 

  • Two ways to carry with a padded shoulder strap and top carry handles
  • A water-resistant pocket for a water bottle 
  • Add-a-bag sleeve
  • 15” laptop pocket 
  • Tablet pocket 
  • Double-zip entry


21.6×16.2×11.6 inches

  1. Tumi Women’s Backpack Tumi Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Business Backpack 

Tumi Backpack Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe brief business pack is a casual daypack available in multiple sizes, it is ideal as a carry-on backpack and day pack to be used when traveling.

The backpack is ideal for business travelers with compartments for a 15” laptop, in addition to ample room for folders and everything required for a day at the office. The backpack has a double-zip entry to the main compartment and the laptop compartment, there is a webbing top carry handle to carry by hand instead of using the shoulder straps.

The bag features two side pockets on each side, a front zip pocket, and two small pockets on the front to easily separate items to find them easily.

The Alpha Sheppard Deluxe brief backpack also features the add-a-bag sleeve for easy attachment to rollable suitcases or carry-on cases. The bag comes with the standard TUMI tracer. 

Key Features 

  • 15” laptop pocket
  • Double-zip entry to main compartments 
  • TUMI tracer 
  • Add-a-bag sleeve
  • Two side pockets with zips 
  • Available in multiple sizes 


14” wide, 17” high, 8” deep, 1” handle drop, 35” should strap, and 15” laptop sleeve. 

Tumi Leather Laptop Bag Tumi Varek Hudson Backpack 

The Harrison Bates backpack is a stylish and fashionable day pack that is available in a beige color called Umber Pebbled.

This bag features a main compartment, and front zipped compartments. The bag is leather-wrapped and features double-zip entry to the main compartment. The bag features a retractable leather top handle, a padded and adjustable shoulder straps, a hanging luggage tag, and a 14” padded and quilted laptop compartment.

The day bag is ideal for working, commuting, traveling, and just using for everyday activities. The bag in addition to the laptop pocket features a tablet pocket, a back wall zipped pocket, two card slots, two pen loops, and a key strap. 

Key Features 

  • 14” laptop compartment with padding and quilting 
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Tablet pocket
  • Backwall zipped pocket
  • Leather-wrapped
  • Upright structure 


18” bottom width, 12” depth, 18” shoulder strap length, 26” strap drop, 8 1/2 handle drop.  3×11.5×16.5

Tumi Cross Bag –  Tumi Men’s Alpha Nellis Backpack – Tumi sling backpack

The Alpha Nellis backpack is a great backpack for traveling, everyday use, and working, available in five colors including black, multicolor, reflective silver, grey, and gray/citron.

The bag features a main compartment and a separate compartment for files and papers, organizer pockets, and a laptop or tablet pocket. The backpack has a front pocket, a vertical zip pocket, and two side pockets one of which has a water-resistant lining.

This backpack is inspired by military backpacks and is functional, versatile, and multi-use.

Key Features 

  • Add-a-bag sleeve
  • TUMI tracer
  • 15” laptop compartment 
  • Padded tablet pocket 
  • Water-resistant pocket 
  • Available in five colors


14” wide, 16” high, 6.5” deep, 2” handle drop, 35” shoulder strap, and 15” laptop sleeve.

Tumi travel backpack – TUMI Arrive Larson backpack 

The Harrison Webster backpack is available in different sizes from 10L to a 60L capacity, for both male and female.

The Harrison Webster backpack has numerous pockets including a padded tablet and laptop compartments. The bag is perfect to be used as a day bag, for commuting, traveling, and everyday uses depending on the size you choose.

The backpack features the standard add-a-bag feature for traveling to be able to be added to a cabin suitcase easily for ease of travel. The backpack has a simple yet stylish design with double zip entries, a front pocket, and several back wall pockets. 

Key Features 

  • Laptop compartment 
  • Tablet compartment 
  • Double-zip pockets
  • Add-a-bag feature 
  • Multiple sizes available 


22.9cm in height, 50.8cm in length, 35.6cm in width, and weighs 1.45kg.

 11.   TUMI Leather Backpack – Stanton Tori Flap Backpack

This Tumi Leather Backpack is a stylish backpack to take with you on your next trip.

Cute, compact, and fully functional, this Tumi leather backpack is an efficient and stylish way to carry what you need for a day out on the town while traveling.

It features a padded laptop pocket, a velvet-lined zip pocket, and a quick-access pocket perfect for your phone. Stanton is where function meets fashion. This sophisticated collection offers beautifully appointed, thoughtfully designed backpacks, totes, satchels, and accessories.

Key Features 

  • Laptop compartment 
  • Tablet compartment 
  • Double-zip pockets
  • Add-a-bag feature 
  • Multiple sizes available 

Specifications 19.5 x 12.8 x 7 inches

19.5 inches in height, 12.8 inches in length, 7 inches in width, and weighs 3.4 pounds.

Conclusion – Finding the right Tumi Travel Backpack

Tumi bags and Tumi Backpacks are worth the price if you want a bag that is durable and dependable.  I actually prefer to carry my Tumi as it is the Best Tumi Backpack for Travel.

I have the Tumi Voyageur Carson Backpack I think the Voyageur and the Tumi Alpha Bravo are the most popular.

Over to you.  What do you think is the best Tumi Travel Backpack?

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