Chacos vs Tevas which one is the Best Reviews 2023

Chacos vs Tevas – which one is best?


Chaco or Teva – How to choose between the top adventure sandal brands

Chacos vs Tevas How to choose –  For a pair of adventure sandals that are high quality and suited for all different kind of terrains, there are two brands on the market that really stand out from the crowd.

teva sandals vs chacos

We are going to be looking at both Chaco Sandals and Teva Sandals today so that you can discover which come out on top and are worth investing in for your next trip outdoors.



Chacos and Tevas are always adding new styles making them the best walking sandals.


Tevas vs Chacos – Things to consider

The fit and feel

When choosing a pair of adventure sandals, you want a pair that fit well and are going to be comfortable all day long. In fact, this is probably the first thing that you will be looking at and we are here to give you the full low down.

Tevas are the easiest to put on because they work with velcro.

Chacos take a little longer because you have to adjust the straps to fit your feet and this can initially be a little fiddly.

It is possible to get a tighter/looser fit on the Chacos depending on what you like which is perfect for those who like a more personalized fit.

Teva sandals have a super soft footbed which is going to feel perfect on your feet, especially after a long day of outdoor activities.

Chacos have a thicker sole and an anti-slip footbed – perfect if you are hiking or doing a similar activity in wet conditions.

Tevas don’t seem to have this quality and the thinness of the soles means you can also feel a lot more through the bottom of the sandals. The sole on Tevas can be uncomfortable depending on what type of terrain you are out and about in.

Some people prefer to feel the ground beneath their feet and for those people, Tevas might be a better choice. Whereas if you want maximum softness and protection from all elements, you would probably opt for Chacos.

Quality and durability

As the top two adventure sandals on the market, there is no doubt that both of these brands are high quality.

Due to the thicker sole on the shoe, as mentioned previously, Chacos just beat Tevas in terms of durability. However, Tevas are the original adventure sandal brand on the market and they remain a popular choice for many people all over the world.

Despite the convenience that velcro has if you want to get your shoes on quickly, it gives out quicker than straps. So for that reason alone, Chacos would probably last you a longer time.

Both shoes float and can be used fine in wet conditions.


Chacos are much heavier.  Tevas are much lighter.

While a pair of Tevas weighs 14.6 oz, a pair of Chacos weighs 21.2 oz – which is a significant difference when you are out and about and even more so if you are carrying these shoes in your possessions rather than on your feet.

A lightweight shoe is what most people prefer and if this is something you are looking for in the sandals you purchase, Tevas definitely win by a landslide on this one.


The Teva shoes and Chaco shoes are different prices depending on what particular pair you decide to go for, but on the whole Teva’s seem to be cheaper at around $70.

For a quality pair of Chacos, you would be paying around the $100 mark. When choosing a pair to purchase, consider your own budget but also the quality of the shoes that you are buying. You might also be lucky and manage to snap up a pair of sandals on sale.

Chacos vs Tevas Comparison Chart

I’ve researched the top selling adventure sandals by Chacos and Tevas for travel and hiking.

This comprehensive guide compares the different styles of sandals for each brand and the different qualities of the shoes.


Chaco vs Teva: Which Outdoor Sandals to Choose?

Chaco vs Teva


Chacos have many positive qualities

  • Super Comfortable
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Non-marking ChacoGrip rubber compound
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Customizable pattern


Negative qualities of Chacos

  • These sandals are heavy
  • They take weeks to break in and mold to your feet
  • More expensive than Tevas
Chacos vs Tevas


Tevas have many positive qualities

  • Super Comfortable
  • Rugged Durabrasion Rubber outsole
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Lightweight sandals perfect for travel
  • Less expensive than Chacos
  • Cushioned heel tab for increased comfort

Negative qualities of Tevas

  • Tevas have a one year warranty
  • Quality made but will not last forever


What are Chacos best used for?

While both brands of shoes are advertised as adventure sandals, Chacos seem like they are more appropriate for water activities due to the fact that they have a non-slip footbed and great sole. The soles are very thick and this also makes them really good for hiking or doing other activities that involve walking on/climbing over a lot of tricky terrains.

What are Tevas best used for?  Are Tevas good for hiking?

Tevas are the original and they were originally made for travel/hiking. They are really comfortable and while the soles are not as thick as Chacos, they are still a trusted pair of shoes that many hikers all over the world use with no problems whatsoever.

Do Chacos break in?

Chacos can take a couple of weeks to break in so don’t worry if they feel a bit stiff at first.  All of the straps are adjustable and they are lightweight so they shouldn’t cause blisters.

Are Tevas waterproof?

Tevas are comfortable, durable and of course waterproof.  The straps do get wet and then just dry out easily.  I have worn my Tevas to waterparks, kayaking, hiking to waterfalls.

How do you plan on using them?

As you can see so far when looking at both these sandals, both are great and what you purchase depends on what you are going to be using the shoes for.

If you plan on doing very heavy activities with the shoes and want a pair that can be trusted for rocky terrain, water and anything else that gets thrown your way – there is no doubt that Chacos are probably going to be the best choice. They can be adjusted to your foot, they are durable and generally can withstand more.

If you are going on some light hiking activities but you are mostly just doing general traveling and don’t plan on doing anything too crazy while wearing your sandals, then you might be better off with Tevas.

Are they going to last?

When you buy a pair of these sandals or ANY shoes, you want a pair that are going to last you for years to come. It is well worth investing a little more cash into shoes that will last you for a longer amount of time, Rather than buying a cheap pair of adventure sandals that will need to be thrown out after a year or even less.

Despite the high quality of both these sandals, they are pretty reasonably priced and act as a great competitor for others on the market. If you are wondering which pair is going to last you longer, it’s probably going to be the Chacos for the simple reason that the soles are thicker.

Chacos vs Tevas – The bottom line

There is no doubt that both Teva Sandals and Chaco Sandals are really good quality and work really well in a wide range of different occasions. Both are popular so it does depend on what you prefer.

I wear Tevas and love them.  The sole of the shoe is so comfortable for me.  I wore these shoes for six months straight in Africa.  I find them perfect for walking around all day and my feet do not hurt at the end of the day.

I’ve also worn them on boats and watersports.  I really like how versatile these sandals are to wear.

I tried Chacos but for the price, I could not justify it.  Plus the straps make me feel like they are not sturdy.

You really need to think of the weather conditions and environment where you are going to be using these shoes to help you make a good choice.

Whatever you go for, both pairs would be worth the investment but in terms of quality and durability, Chacos just about take the lead. Based on the information you have read in this review, you should be able to make a decision as to what sandals are best for you.

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