Where to stay in Tokyo first time

Where to stay in Tokyo first time – the Best Places to stay in Tokyo

Where to stay in Tokyo first time

Where to stay in Tokyo for all budgets

The first time I flew to Tokyo I was overwhelmed by the city.  Where should I stay?  Where are the recommended hotels in Tokyo?  What should I do?  Well after living in Japan I realized I’m not the only one who has these questions.  That’s why I have put together this guide to places to stay in Tokyo – especially for your first time.

Where to stay in Tokyo first time and what area to stay in tokyo

Wondering what area to stay in Tokyo?  I’ve put together the best areas to stay in Tokyo and the best hotels to stay in Tokyo.  

I also have a Tokyo Itinerary you can check out and the best day trips from Tokyo you should take while you are there.  If you have one week in Japan I recommend my Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto Itinerary.

Now back to hotels – the best place to stay in Tokyo your first time is the Shinjuku area.  Its the best places to stay in Tokyo on a budget.  This area has the best places to stay in Tokyo Japan and you will find the best place to stay in Tokyo Japan for you!  First time in Tokyo, where to stay?  I got you covered.

Places to stay in Tokyo


Best Hotels to Stay in Tokyo Japan – Places to stay in Tokyo Japan for all budgets

Best place to stay in Tokyo your first time: Shinjuku

Park Hyatt Tokyo – one of the best hotels in Shinjuku Tokyo and the best place to stay in Tokyo, first time visitors will love it.

by Priya Vin from Outside Suburbia
Located on the 42nd floor of the 52-story tower Park Hyatt Tokyo feels like an oasis far away from the chaos of the bustling city. We stayed a few days here when we visited during the Christmas holidays. While most people visit Japan during the Spring or Fall, December in Japan turned out quite nice, with fewer crowds, more illumination & lights and a little bit of snow in the Japanese Alps!  
Places to stay in Tokyo
We would watch the sun come up while sipping hot green tea in our rooms since we were pretty jetlagged from our trip. The Park Hyatt Tokyo Spas is one of the best spas you will find in a city hotel, with steam rooms, multiple saunas and whirlpool tubs. Both the pool and gym have great views as well and it is truly a great luxury hotel that caters to families and business travelers. Stop by the Peak Bar for snacks or drinks and try to catch a sight of Fujisan. We would look for the famous mountain every morning before heading out to take a closer look at from other viewpoints.
The hotel is located in Shinjuku which is a business and nightlife epicenter of Tokyo and the railway station is one of the busiest. Its also the best location to stay in Tokyo for tourist.  Shinjuku is also known to the biggest redlight district in Tokyo where hundreds of restaurants, bars, night clubs and other redlight establishments are located but you don’t see any of that when you are inside the confines of your luxury accommodations at Park Hyatt.
You can walk up to Meiji Shrine which is a brisk 20 minute walk from Park Hyatt.  We spent some time at the Yayogi park people watching after leaving our wishes and prayers on votive tablets at the shrine.  During spring Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a great place to see cherry blossoms right in the heart of the city.  Now that’s where to stay in Tokyo first time!

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Keio Plaza Hotel – best hotel location in Tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in Shinjuku, Tokyo – the best location hotel in Tokyo. The hotel has an impressive selection of 10+ dining and bar options – ensuring all guests can find culinary to fir their wants and needs.

where to stay in tokyo first time

Even more impressive is the fact that all guests get a 10% discount off all dining within the hotel during their stay (all that is required is guests to show their room key to the waiters). The available cuisine includes a variety of formal and casual dining as well as food representative of traditional Japanese, and cuisines from other countries around the world.

There are also many facilities open to guests of the hotel such as an outdoor rooftop pool, a fitness centre, a medical clinic, a nursing room available to mothers, a traditional Japanese tea room as well as a shopping centre located within the hotel. There are also a number of services available during your stay, including beauty therapy, a photography studio, reflexology, many sightseeing tours, and many more!

The neighbourhood of the hotel, Shinjuku is an upcoming business, shopping and entertainment district located in the centre of Tokyo. The hotel is just a short 5-minute walk from Shinjuku train station, making it easy to travel around the city. The hotel is also central to many of the popular shopping and top entertainment spots in Tokyo.

The close proximity to the train station means that even more landmarks are easily accessible, including, the Yomiriland Amusement Park, Jindaiji Temple, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo Tower and many more traditional Japanese experiences, activities and restaurants.

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Hyatt Regency  –  is also in the best neighborhood to stay Tokyo

Hyatt Regency is a 5-star hotel located in Shinjuku, Tokyo the best part of Tokyo to stay. It is a full-service hotel fit with 7 restaurants, a bar and a cake shop ready for all needs. These are all open and available to all guests in the hotel.

traveling to tokyo for the first time

Guests can also enjoy access to all the hotel facilities, including a spa, massages, a pool, a fitness centre and same-day laundry facilities. There are also many other services on offer during your stay at this hotel including, sight-seeing tour arrangements for Tokyo, catering services, and delivery services when shopping at nearby department shops.

This hotel is located in Shinjuku, which is an up-coming business, shopping and entertainment district in the centre of Tokyo. The hotel is a short 9-minute walk from Shinjuku train station and the hotel even offers a complementary shuttle bus to and from the hotel and train station. The hotel also has many staff who are expert on tours in Tokyo and the best and most worthwhile attractions around the city.

They are ready and willing to assist with tour arrangements and transportation. Tourist attractions and landmarks close to the hotel include the Shinjuku Goyen National Park, Yoyogi Park, Odakyo Department Store, Meiji jingu Shrine, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and the Tokyo Opera City


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Best Tokyo Neighborhood for foreigners and expats: Akasaka

Super Hotel LOHAS Akasaka another one of the best area to stay in Tokyo

by Katie Diederichs from Two Wandering Soles

With so many places to choose from, it can be overwhelming picking a place to stay in Tokyo. But if you’re on a tight budget, your options will be whittled down quite a bit in this notoriously expensive city. If you’re looking for a cheap, well-located place to rest your head, Super Hotel LOHAS in Akasaka might be just what you’re looking for.

The rooms at Super LOHAS are simple and small (most rooms in Tokyo are!), yet have everything you need. You’ll also have access to the free public spa, a rooftop terrace, and a garden level. While nothing fancy, this hotel is highly rated for being a good value place to base yourself while exploring this wild city!  

Situated just 5-minutes walking to the nearest Metro stop, Akasaka is a good location for exploring the major sights of Tokyo, as it’s between Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi. Akasaka itself is a higher-end neighborhood and the area around the hotel is quiet at night. However, Roppongi Hills is famous for its clubbing and nightlife scene for anyone wanting to get their dance on!

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Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka – best district to stay in Tokyo

Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka is a 3-star hotel located in Minato, Tokyo. The hotel has a nice variety of hotel and 24-7 in-room dining available.

best areas to stay in tokyo

The hotel is relatively new as it opened in 2013 and features an impressive style of imperial finishes and architecture and yet has a comforting feel to it. The hotel has many luxury facilities open to all guests including a relaxing jacuzzi, a sauna, a pool, a fitness center and entertainment center and a hotel casino. There is surely something to entertain all the guests.

The hotel is located in Minato, Tokyo and is central to many attractions in Tokyo. The hotel is a short walking distance from Tokyo Big Sight, an underground station, which will take you anywhere in the city and within a 20-minute drive to a nearby airport, Haneda. The hotel is also walking distance from the Yotsuya train station – where many of Tokyo’s tourist attractions can be reached in just a short train ride. Closer to the hotel though, attractions and activities include the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the Nogi Shrine, the New Otani Art Museum and many shopping centers and a large variety of delicious food at the hotels’ doorstep.

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Best Area to stay in Tokyo for High-End Fashion and Dining:  Ginza

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier –   best hotel to stay in Tokyo

Mitsui Garden Hotel is situated in Ginza Tokyo, just a short walk from Nippon Television, Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier provides 4-star accommodation and free wireless internet. It is a short walk from Tsukiji Outer Market, Tokyo Electric Power Company and Shiodome, and showcases views of Tokyo Bay.

Places to stay in Tokyo

Ginza is another great area in the city and has great hotels to stay in Tokyo.

Ginza is the area you go to for luxury goods and it is the perfect shopping destination.  Hotels in this area are prime locations and close to the Tsukiji Fish Market and of course great sushi restaurants.

This area is popular for food and sightseeing as well.  It also has great connections to other areas of Tokyo which people consider the best area of Tokyo to stay.

Click here to check hotel rates in Ginza

Best Area to stay in Tokyo for Landmarks and parks:  Chiyoda

Capitol Hotel Tokyo– accommodation in Japan Tokyo

Capitol Hotel Tokyo is a 4-star hotel located in Chiyoda neighborhood of Tokyo. Being a guest at this hotel comes with many perks and benefits including access to the many delicious restaurants and bars.

best location to stay in tokyo

Additional benefits also come with the amazing luxury private spa with a variety of spa treatments available for both men and women. The private fitness club in the hotel is only open to guests of the hotel, ensuring privacy and low crowds when getting your daily work-out in. the fitness club in the hotel includes the gym, pool, jacuzzi and a large beautiful terrace over-looking the city of Tokyo. The gym also offers private personal training sessions for those guests interested.

The area in which the hotel is located is well known for active jogging. The hotel offers jogging maps for those that are interested which includes an impressive jogging map of the nearby Imperial Palace.

There are also many landmarks located within walking distance to the hotel and make for great day trips during your visit. These include, the Hie Jinji Shrine and the Imperial Palace. Also located in the area surrounding the hotel is a very large and popular shopping centre as well as many delicious restaurants, serving the best traditional Japanese cuisine.

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Best Area to stay in Tokyo for Landmarks and parks: Shimbashi

Conrad Tokyo – best places to stay in Japan

Conrad Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in the neighborhood of Shimbashi, Tokyo.

best places to stay in tokyo

Even more impressive is the height and location of the hotel allowing for guests to overlook the city from many of the terraces, restaurants, and their rooms. There are many luxury restaurants in the hotel, all of which have a fabulous view overlooking Tokyo. Guests have a choice of delicious hand-crafted Asian or European food to divulge in. however, for those not wanting to leave their room, the hotel offers 24-7 room-service of all their delicious food on offer. The hotel also includes an impressive full-service fitness center and spa facilities with many additional services on offer.

The hotel is located in the Shimbashi area which overlooks Tokyo Bay – providing for beautiful views and an incredible experience. local attractions to the hotel include the Tokyo Tower, the Meji Jingu Shrine, the Imperial Palace and the Hamariku Garden. Also, in the area are many shopping stores and delicious traditional Japanese cuisine local to the area.

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Best Area to stay in Tokyo for Landmarks and parks:  Midtown

Ritz Carlton – a downtown Tokyo hotels

Looking for hotels in downtown Tokyo? Ritz Carlton is a 5-star hotel located in Midtown, Tokyo.

hotels downtown tokyo

There are 7 restaurants and bars across the hotel all of which promise to satisfy all guests’ culinary desires. Unique to this hotel is the fact that all guests can gain points and discounts off their food when dining at one of the restaurants within the hotel. The hotel includes fully functioning spa facilities and a great fitness center, open to all guests, there are additional services on offer for spa treatments designed for each guest t feel refreshed and beautiful during their stay at the Ritz.

The Ritz Carlton is the tallest hotel in Tokyo, so views from within the hotel across Tokyo are truly magical and unlike any other hotel experience. the hotel is so high that many landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji are viewable from high within the hotel. The neighborhood of Midtown, Tokyo is central to many landmarks and tourist attractions around Tokyo including the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Jingu shrine, the Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Skytree and Midtown Garden and HinokichoPark.

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Best Area to stay in Tokyo for Landmarks and parks: Marunouchi

Four Seasons – hotels in Tokyo downtown 

Four Seasons is a 5-star hotel located in the business district of Marunouchi, Tokyo. There is a great culinary variety available within the hotel as well as a full service 24-7 room service for all guests.

tokyo hotels downtown

A full service spa is available, as well as in-room spa services available on request available for those not wanting to leave the comfort of their hotel room. There are over 10 spa treatments available, so there will surely have one for each guests’ desires. Unique to many other hotels in Tokyo, the four seasons have a traditional Japanese Onsen bath located within the hotel – adding to the Japanese experience. The hotel also offers assistance with travel to and from the nearby train station and airport.

The hotel is located within the business district of Tokyo, Marunouchi. The hotel itself is just minutes from Tokyo Train Station, meaning most of Tokyo’s main attractions are just an arm reach away. One of the main shopping districts in Tokyo, Ginza Shopping District is just a short 5-10minutes from the hotel – ensuring all shopping needs will be met during your stay. Also located in close proximity to the hotel is the Imperial Palace. The hotel staff can provide guests with maps to how to get to the palace as well as popular jogging routes around the park for those who enjoy a bit of a morning, day, or afternoon jog.

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Best Tokyo Neighborhood for themed cafes and diverse shops: Ikebukuro

Kimi Ryokan in Ikebukuro district

by Laura from Travelers Universe

Kimi Ryokan in Ikebukuro district in Toshima, Tokyo, is ideally situated just a quick stroll away from the Ikebukuro station, one of the biggest transportation hubs in Tokyo.  A ryokan is a Japanese style hotel Tokyo.

This area is incredibly colorful and has some of the biggest concentration of hole in the wall noodle shops. Plus if you’re into festivals and happen to visit Tokyo in autumn, the Ikebukuro festival is one of the most dazzling you can witness. The street where this traditional Japanese inn is located has a surprising village feeling.

It’s a small and quiet little street away from all the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and this is great if you prioritize a good night’s sleep. Even the buildings around the inn are pretty low key, no more than 2-3 story high! Nevertheless, the nearby streets are lively, so the area really packs the best of both worlds.

While Kimi Ryokan is pretty new, the idea of ryokans originated hundreds of years ago, in the Edo period. At Kimi, you’ll be spending the night sleeping on a futon (way more comfortable than I had ever imagined!). The modern windows are covered in sliding paper, to give an old-world feel and only let a diffuse light get through.

The bathrooms are shared, but super clean and with a wonderful Japanese touch. There’s even a typical bath tube. But the part that amazed me the most was that they would provide their guests with extra plastic clippers to use in the bathroom.

Needless to say, you have to leave your street shoes in a special place next to the hotel entrance. No worries, they provide slippers to all their guests for use inside the hotel. As far as hostels go, Kimi Ryokan is one of the most unique ones I stayed in and at just under €50 a night, I find it to be a pretty good deal.

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Best Tokyo Neighborhood for central location and entertainment: Shibuya

Excel Shibuya Stream Hotel

By Paula Morgan from Expert Abroad

The Excel Shibuya Stream Hotel in Tokyo opened in August 2018 in the brand-new Shibuya Steam Complex just a few minutes’ walks from the famous Scramble Pedestrian crossing. It is connected to the Shibuya subway station making it super easy to get to.

The hotel sits on the upper floors of the complex with a reception on level 8. The lower levels include 3 floors of dining options along with a small supermarket, a bakery and a bar.

The modern design hits you as soon as you walk in with a very funky lounge-style foyer and self-service check-in. There is even a robot who doubles as the room service attendant!

We also really liked the communal amenities available by the lifts on several floors.  There was a great kitchen area where you could heat food or make a simple breakfast. You could bring back takeaway and eat it here. Perfect chance to try all the department store delicacies.  There were also laundry facilities.

We had a corner suite on the top floor and the views across Tokyo including Tokyo Tower were spectacular. The bathroom was enormous, and our two twin beds had great quality linens. There was also a dining table for two and a day bed to sit and take in the view from.

We loved the Excel Shibuya Stream for both the service and quality and to top it off, the location is one of the best for access transport, food and shops.

Click here to check hotel rates in Shibuya

Best Tokyo Neighborhood for cultural sites and central location: Ueno

Mimaru Tokyo Ueno East

By Katy of Untold Morsels
If you’re looking for a smart and stylish Tokyo hotel with ample space in a great location, look no further than the Mimaru Tokyo Ueno East. This aparthotel opened in 2018 and is great value, especially for families or larger groups. Each of the apartments sleeps 4 adults in western or Japanese style beds, has a small kitchen, air-conditioning and luxury bathroom. Some of the apartments have a table for meals. Expect to pay Y35,000 per night.
Located 5 minutes’ walk from busy Ueno station on the JR line, the hotel is in an excellent position to explore the east of Tokyo. Close by you can relax in  Ueno Park and the surrounding museums or join. In the bustling fun of Ameyoko market. When you get hungry there are plenty of options. Apart from the street vendors at the market there are eateries all around the station. We liked Sharin Atré Ueno for soba noodles and tempura.

Best Tokyo Neighborhood close to Ginza and good transport: Shiodome

Park Hotel

By Alexander of Destinavo

Park Hotel is an artsy hotel in Tokyo with spacious rooms that have been decorated and painted by local artists. Each room is unique and guests can request a certain room before booking if the hotel is contacted at the time to confirm availability. I stayed in the Sumo room, which was the first room to be finished at the Park Hotel in Tokyo.

The hotel is located in Shiodome, just a few steps away from the subway. It’s a great location to explore all of Tokyo, and the hotel caters to both international and local guests. The breakfast consists of a traditional Japanese breakfast as well as continental breakfast dishes and options.

The hotel also has an art gallery where they feature local artists. And there is also a club lounge where guests can enjoy complimentary beverages.

Shiodome is located near Tokyo Bay next to the areas of Shinbashi and Ginza. It’s one of the most modern areas of the city, and it features some impressive skyscrapers. It attracts a lot of business people, and you’ll find plenty of restaurants and shops nearby. Shiodome is connected to the JR Yamanote Line as well as the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line and the Asakusa and Ginza Subway lines. You can also take the train to Odaiba.

Best Tokyo Neighborhood cheapest area to stay: Kamata

By Cora & Helen Harrison of Inside our Suitcase
We stayed in the capsule hotel Nine Hours in Kamata, although the Nine Hours brand have capsule hotels all over Tokyo. We wanted to stay in a capsule hotel to experience the true Japanese way of life, and it didn’t disappoint.
One thing to note about the majority of capsule hotels in Japan is that men and women sleep on separate floors (something to consider if you’re traveling as a couple). This capsule hotel was particularly cheap as it had just recently opened and was slightly further out of the central tourist area of Japan, requiring us to use the metro to get to the majority of places we wanted to visit. 
Being slightly outside of the central Tokyo tourist district did have it’s benefits as we had the chance to experience more traditional Japanese food from local restaurants and stalls. An yet there was always a Metro station within a 10 minute walk that could quickly and easily take you to anywhere in Tokyo.
The district has a Book-Off (an essential shop to visit in Japan) as well as a number of convince stores such as 7/11 and familiar restaurants such as McDonalds which are open 24/7 (just incase you have jet lag and find yourself craving a burger at 3am)

Conclusion – Best Places to stay in Tokyo Japan

The Best Places to stay in Tokyo Japan – for such a big city it can seem a bit overwhelming but this list is an overview of areas of Tokyo to stay in.

These places cover a bunch of different budgets and you can also check out the recommendations for hotels in that area as well.

Over to you.  Where do you think is the best place to stay in Tokyo?  Do you have any questions about these hotels?  Ask me in the comments and I will reply.

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