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Gorillas in Rwanda

People come to Ruhengeri for the gorillas.  That’s really all there is to do here but seeing the gorillas was the highlight of my trip.  We arrived the night before and stayed at Red Rocks.  We were up early to

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Our first stop in Uganda was Jinja – the adventure capital of Africa.  They have everything here from white water rafting to the source of the Nile.  We stayed at Nile River Explorer right on the lake but a bit

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Lake Nakuru National Park

This was by far the best safari I did in Kenya at Lake Nakuru.  We saw rhinos, lions, water buffalo, giraffes and everything but the elusive leopard.  If you are keeping track that makes 4 of the big 5 that

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Omo Valley – Hamar Wedding Ceremony

We went to Omo Valley to visit the ethnic tribes of Ethiopia.  They are so far south that we were about 10 kilometres from South Sudan.  The highlight of the visit was a tribe Wedding Ceremony. The wedding ceremony involves

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Sudan – Pyramids, heat and floods

We made it across the border no problem into Wadi Halfa Sudan and the first thing you notice is that its hot.  Really hot. The hottest I’ve ever been through 50 degrees Celcius (122 Fahrenheit) .  Believe me its hard

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My epic overland trip from Cairo to Cape Town

Cairo to Cape Town

My Cairo to Cape Town journey through 15 countries in East Africa. In 2015 I flew to Cairo to start my 19 week overland trip from Cairo to Cape Town.  This was the adventure of a lifetime driving overland from Cairo in

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