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After driving through Swaziland we headed to St Lucia – in a round about way.  See we didn’t realise that you had to drive through the national park to get to St Lucia city.  So when the GPS gave us two options with one of them being an extra 25 kilometres, we took the shorter route.

So when we came up to a gate for the national park I tried to wrangle my way through saying that our hotel was just on the other side.  The guard wasn’t having it so we paid our 130 rand for the both of us to get in and then he hit us with another surprise.  We had to stay in the park a minimum of 90 minutes.  With some sweet talking I got the guy to write our entry time as an hour earlier.  We weren’t trying to rush or speed through the park but by that point we’d had enough of game drives.

So we decided to take the most direct route to the other gate.  On the way we saw all of the usual suspects – plenty of antelopes, zebras and such but we were also able to see four rhinos by the side of the road.  And we just missed about 15 elephants at the entrance knocking down trees and such but we saw the aftermath of them coming through.

Once we were in St Lucia we had a great time walking around.  One day we did this two hour walk along the beach to the wetlands and then along a walkway through the park.  We didn’t see any hippos this time.

We went to the beach looking for whales but sadly we didn’t see any.  The beach was absolutely stunning though.

Our time in St Lucia was short but really beautiful and I got to see the All Blacks beat the Springboks and I wasn’t the only AB supporter there!  I did leave the pub though shortly after the win as I didn’t want to get caught up in any aftermath.

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